We’re about helping Pastors, Men’s Leaders and regular Guys raise their bar in Christlikeness and empower their mojo in Jesus until they become the dream God dreamed when He made them.


As an all-volunteer led non-profit, we pour every resource back into those we serve to call,Logo Commitment to Transparency - Recognized by Intelligent Philanthropy engage and deploy men into the arena of God’s calling. Learn more about our trustworthiness and results here.


No one taught you how to lead men, did they? Core 300 exists to serve you by giving you proven power tools for calling and discipling men around you, and to release the vision God has put in your heart.

Church health studies and Scripture both bear out the truth that as the men’s ministry goes in the local church…so goes the church. Men’s Ministry is not supposed to be like herding cats,  Read more.

   Men’s Leader’s

“With other men’s material we’d get twenty five guys all jacked up for two weeks and   then end up with eleven 15 weeks later when the course was done. With Core 300, we lost less than ten percent of our men every year! This stuff is compelling and it works!”                         - Wes Harding, Men’s Pastor

Ok. You are busy…up to your ears in building a good marriage, godly kids, making     money, and ministry to guys. Maybe you even lead a small group or Bible Study. You don’t have time to lead guys in some program that “nice” or filled with psychobabble.   You want power and you want transformation.

              We’re Gideon’s 300. We train to WIN, not survive

We’re ready to engage your guys with the BEST men’s Bible anchored discipleship curricula out there to help you walk strong so you can help your guys do the same. Our stuff is guaranteed to set men on fire at your church or mens group. check us out and pick up a copy of “Called to War” by Art Hobba to find out why.

   Just the Guys

If you are a regular guy you are a loner. don’t get me wrong, oyu may have buddies to fist bump with at the game, but inside, you are terribly isolated . . and you are scared. The book, Called to War, and the Core 300 Bible study on Gideon called The Warrior is changing that. Get the book today and you will how you can follow Gideon out of fear and isolation, into the destiny of being a “Mighty Warrior.”  Read more