2013 Pastors Leadership Conference Report

Who: Core 300 Founder Art Hobba and Executive Director Wes Harding and the Core 300 Kenya Team team for three days of powerful training on Stage 6 Leadership with exciting commentary on key biblical leadership examples with real world applications.

Core300 Conference-wes teaching

Months of prayer by many help prepared hearts as God used the hammer of His Word to brake the chains of fear, bring light to hidden sin and heal hardened hearts. Then he called these good men of God to follow Gideon out of the winepress as a Mighty Warrior. Everyone moved into open and loving fellowship with one another. They hugged, confessed their sins and forgave one another… not only in general, but specific confessions were exchanged…man to man. You could cut courage and hope with a knife!

Then Wes pulled the men together, and they put on the Armor of God and locked arms in sober song and joyful laughter! Art brought his teaching series on leading like Jesus and walked the men through Stage 6 Leadership.

The conference climaxed by following Jesus’ (Level 6) example at the Last Supper, some 35 Bishops kneeled before over 150 young men in pastoral training, and washing their feet before all. After 60 minutes, all 600 ministers had washed each others feet and prayed for one another! Titles and denominational differences were washed away, and brother stood with brother across the aisles, locking their arms together, singing praises to God with one voice.. Finally, every attendee received a Certificate of Completion in front of their peers.

From a Pastor-Warrior attendee : “I will not remain the same! This conference has changed my life completely.  I will not hide again but I will stand up as a Warrior.!!! Brother Art (and team) you touched my life. Be blessed and God bless your Team.

Another young pastor in training wrote:  “I am really humbled for the greatest work of God that you did in Kenya Bungoma county. Indeed God used you in a great and mighty way that left a big mark in my life. My prayer is that God may expand your territories, and bless the works of your hand to reach many more men for the transformation of the whole world.”

Mt. Elgon Campaign

On November 1 2014, Alex, Barack and Constans trained local pastors and bishops in both the Warrior (spiritual warfare) and The King (leadership). God moved these men towards unity, and gave them the courage and resolve to return to their churches in strength, equipped with new biblical processes to win their battles, and lead their flocks like Jesus. 35 pastors received their first Bible, with much joy and not a few tears. Pastor Fred had this to say

“We have good news in our land. we men are back to our rightful positions as the heads of our families and protectors of the same. I did not realize we men had gone into hiding. We now have hope in the Lord, who is stirring us by his Word. Please come again. God bless Core 300 USA!” 

Bungoma Country Prison Ministry is Launched

Soon after this last terrorist attack in Nairobi in October of 2013, 2 of our Core 300 leaders, Alex Achuti and his nephew Constant, were invited to come and train prisoners as disciples of Jesus using our Warrior Course! Please pray for these teachers and their students who are being introduced to biblical manliness, and spiritual warfare.

Core 300 Kenya was founded based on the mission of Core 300 USA.  The Core 300 team of Bishops and Pastors discovered the Core 300 in the US through our website, and by reading Art Hobba’s paradigm-changing book, Called to War in late 2012. They each oversee a variety of local ministries in the Southwestern Region of Kenya.

Typical Cost of High School level Prep School is $8,500 US per year or 20X the average per capita income

Economies of Scale – After you pray, please give. As an all volunteer led ministry Core 300 requires no funding for staff or administration. All that you give, is not only tax deductible (US), but goes straight towards our ministry outreach. See Kenya at a glance.