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"Called to War is a critical book for men in our time… Frank Pastore

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Called to War is a powerful book.  If you read will be a changed man. And, while you are at it, put on your seatbelt right now  . . . because you will surely need it.  The ride you are about to take will take you over terrain you’ve never be on. 

--John Tolle, Supervisor Pacific Coast & Valleys District, The Foursquare Churches

“We just launched the Core 300 movement here at UCLA. Art's messages from the life of Gideon have clearly been penetrating lives of student athletes at UCLA.

When you have college students telling you (that have not yet attended) that they have heard from other students how good the meetings have been speaks volumes - students are talking! Our attendance has doubled from last year. We have had 3 first time decisions and a 8-10 recommitments to start our fall quarter.”

Rev. Mike Buchanan
AIA Regional Director of Campus Ministry
Pacific Southwest and Greater Northwest
AIA Campus Director at UCLA

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