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"Called to War is a critical book for men in our time… Frank Pastore

The Core 300 Warrior curriculum

The Core 300 Warrior curriculum evolved out of two years of in-church training at Calvary Church in Westlake Village, California. Through trial and error and by the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we discovered that the core value of this movement is the transcendent experience by the men as they bond with one another over meeting each week for 20 weeks. "What is said at the table, stays at the table" is our mantra and our cone of safety, allowing men to truly become authentic with the same group of table mates week in and week out.

The Curriculum we use works. It is field tested and battle ready!

The Warrior Field Manual- Follows the life of Gideon and ends with the Armor of God. It contains a full workbook for the Warrior at the table. Included is an introduction and course overview and is designed to work with the Called to War textbook. Ten sessions (each session is approximately two classes) contain student notes, scriptures, and illustrations along with riveting literary and real life Bible references.

The Squad Leader Manual-is identical to the Warrior field manual except it holds the student section for four sessions of small group leadership training. Tow sessions are taken prior to the kickoff and two afterwards.

The Master Trainer Manual – Follows the life of Gideon and ends with the Armor of God. It includes all of the training materials, references Scriptures and key words needed for a skilled Spirit-filled leader to lead the course for twenty weeks. It also includes directions and timeline suggestions for the months leading up to the launch, how to build men’s SWAT (prayer) Team and recruit for Squad Leaders.


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