Ever wonder what it would be like to hang with Jesus in the early first century? Do you think you would be a more committed follower of Christ if you heard His words and saw the stuff He did? Maybe your walk has lost a step or two...or maybe you have been totally sidelined with stuff, divorce (like what happened to me) or some moral failure (guilty again!). Here are a few other questions I think about:

  • What does it mean to keep your "first love" with God?

  • What is the dream God dreamed when He made you...and where has it gone?

  • Are there a couple of guys out there who I can learn to trust with my life that are just regular guys like me? guys I can be totally real with?

This section will provide some good, healthy bone-building fodder for your men's small group and for your own contemplation around these and other devotional questions.

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