Free Men

Walking free, as a warrior-disciple, in a community of Christian men, is what Core 300 is all about. Most guys are bound, captured or controlled by one or more things that continue to plague their life. Yet Paul taught that we are free men...human beings, designed in God's image and that he personally had learned to walk in freedom.

                             "I will not be mastered by anything" --1 Corinthians 6:12

For decades, even though I was involved in men's ministries and considered myself to be a disciple of Christ, I would see this verse written by St. Paul and yearn to be free. But, it is first necessary for us to surrender to Him. To surrender to become free is one of those great paradoxes of truth in scripture. Jesus called it "losing your find it" in Matthew 16:25.

But breaking free is not often easy. We cannot be free men...nor sustain freedom, alone. Some kinds of bondage are pretty apparent to us and often to those around us as well. Most guys, however, have been compromised by more subtle chains. Click on one of the subject areas above to read and download some great study guides for your small group or, if a subject area triggers your interest, go to Art's blog to find the article and get more interactive.


“Men who read this book will discover their divine destiny and the courage, in Christ’s armor, to fight and win their spiritual battles.”
-Rick Blackmon, Ph.D., Co-Founder Pacific Psychological Resources

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