Warrior Launch Kit

Complete Year One 19-Week, Warrior Class Launch Kit (a $399 value) includes:


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  1. Master Trainer Manual-MTM (8.5x11 - 172 pages color) - MTM101 ISBN # 978-0-9845101-9-1 includes Core 300 Warrior Course Overview, Timetable, all lecture, study notes, Slide timings, Core Conditioning (homework), "Table Talks" for 4 sessions of Squad leader Training and 20 sessions of Warrior Training;
  2. Called to War 2nd Edition text books (2)
  3. Squad Leader Manual-SLM-101 ISBN# 978-0-9845101-8-4 includes Core 300 Warrior Course Overview, four session of student notes for Squad Leader training and 20 sessions of Student notes for the Warrior Training
  4. Squad Leader Training DVD's (4) – Develop your leadership bench with four 90 minute sessions. Allows for Squad Leaders to be trained in a "leadership lab" environment...'around the table."
  5. Warrior Field Manual-WFM101 ISBN#978-0-9845101-7-7 includes Core 300 Warrior Course Overview, 20 sessions of Student notes for the Warrior Training
  6. Sunday Morning Trailers HD DVD - this DVD contains 2 high powered short (2 minute) clips to help communicate the mission and experience of the Warrior course to the congregation
  7. Preparation, Launch and Process Guide CD for planning, promoting, preparing and leading two, ten-week sessions of "The Warrior" course at your church, ministry or campus discipleship group.
  8. Presentation Power Point Slide Deck CD with over 300 slides for all 20 Sessions and the 4 Squad Leader Training Sessions;
  9. DiSC Behavioral Assessment - this online tool (a $49 value) is used by all Warrior participants and provides a 24 page color report for each participant
  10. Core 300 Armor of God Coins (2) - which will be received by each graduating Warrior student at the end of the course through powerful conveyance ceremony
  11. Job-Ministry Descriptions and qualifications for Master Trainer, Squad Leader, Room Captain, SWAT Team Leader and Communications
  12. Laminated Open Me First guide with an overview of the Warrior model.

Warrior Small Group Kit


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Warrior Small Group Kit - Fire up your men’s small groups with this 18 week Warrior study.
The kit includes:

  1. 1 Warrior Leaders Manual (125 pages)

  2. 5 copies of Art Hobba’s book “Called to War” partnered with 4 copies of the Warrior Manual.

  3. 18 six minute "Chalk Talks" by video streaming are included to prepare the group leader for each powerful week.

  4. Purchase extra books and Warrior Manuals based on group size at our Store.

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