Join us as a Core 300 Ambassador

Want to bring lasting transformation to your city or state? You know it was Jesus who chose 12 men to change Jerusalem…and then the world, right?

We are looking for solid men who have (or will) read the book Called to War, and maybe even gone through the Warrior and Priest courses, who will take the lead in their city to meet with men’s leaders and pastors to share the power of the Corte 300 curriculum.

If you are looking for a way to step into the arena of part-time ministry, we share a generous commission plan on all Core 300 products and speakers services, to aid that man in his calling.

Right NOW are actively seeking State and Regional Men’s Ministry Leaders who can represent Core 300, and are called to help support pastors in training at Bible Colleges, Denominations, and the pastors and mens leaders of the local churches in your area. as they all work together in men’s discipleship.

We are seeking qualified candidates in several regional markets across the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia and Uganda. Please contact us  for more information on our partnering model.

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