Chigger Infestation in Children

With warm, moist weather in Kenya, comes the scourge of Chigger parasites, with a uniquely demonic bent towards children 1-8 years old. Until Indigenous Pastors were being trained by our Indigenous Leaders, (3,000 as of May 2017) pastors had been bound to an ancient, prideful tribal-code that considered any form of manual labor, even caring for a suffering member of their church, to be demeaning to their status as “Men of God.” Yes this sounds crazy, but it is a widely and deeply embedded belief that spans denominational barriers across the continent.

However, as our Scripture-based curricula, augmented mightily by the Holy Spirit through our trained Regional Pastor-Teams, pastors are throwing off their old prideful shackles and are being set free to embrace an active, holistic Christ who moves readily amount the villages to bring hands-on love and healing.

As we hold steady to the plow, over time, an untapped Army of Ministers, previously sitting idle, are being mobilized to shepherd God’s flock in practical and wonderful ways, demonstrating a present loving Father working through his servants on earth.

Therefore they return to train the same pastors as mentors now, they bring simple but powerful medical aid to show local pastors and Christian leaders how to give direct loving ministry to the afflicted. Too many recurring and terrible diseases have remained untreated for millennia, but together with our Donor-Partners we can change that.

We continue to be surprised at the total absence of basic healthcare and general nutritional knowledge among these sweet people. Less than 10% of Chigger relief is provided by government agencies or other ministries to rural areas in East Africa.”Art Hobba

Even as Kenya is the second most prosperous nation in all of Africa, most of their citizens who live in these very rural areas have no utilities, poor drinking water, and have never seen a nurse or a doctor in their lives!

Chiggers are a fierce fiery predator upon many rural people. But they thrive on the softer skin of 1-8 year-old children in particular. These are voracious flea-like parasites that burrow into the flesh under the skin and fingernails and incubate millions more of themselves. Some carry this bane in their body for life, corrupting bone and organs. Many who do not receive the medicines, will become crippled as toddlers. What is very cool is that after our men serve and mentor these rural pastors on how to care for their flock in practical ways, not only do these changed pastors take up the mantle to care for their people, many people are coming to Jesus for the first time right at the treatment center!

$40 can cure 40 children for one season. $500, can cure 500. Feel your heart say, “How can I help?” Why not give to help these kids? Donate Now.