Transforming East Africa Report- August 2016

“Near the end of the 3 Day leadership conference 5 pastors gave their hearts to Jesus for the very first time, and many 100’s came forward to receive the blessing of the Spirit of adoption from their Father in heaven as true beloved sons…”

Then the Governor of the State of Bungoma asked, “What can we do to help you with your plans to build Teen-boy-orphan Academies in our state? Art Hobba replied, we need 10 Acres of easy access farmland deeded over to us, with no strings attached. “Done!” said the Governor, “When can you start?

Pic with Bungoma Governor 2016

From Left- PBL Director, Alex Achuti; Art Hobba, Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka, Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony, PBL Team Lead Barack Nyongesa

God moved in so many unplanned and miraculous ways, it’s difficult to write all of it down but, for a play-by-play summary, open this link.           
pastors conf 2013The greatest risk demographic, these 14-17 orphaned boys, are cast off from the educational system without hope, without any vocation, or means of support. 250,000 are sent into the streets each year. The high levels of crime, slavery and violence are controlled by older orphan-alumni, and they actively recruit these 8th graders as their new proteges.

 Our vision includes an ambitious goal of building 60 K9 – K12 Leadership Academies by 2030 where qualified indigenous teachers, pastors, and coaches will train, nurture, and graduate 1,800 18 year old young leaders each year.

The State of Bungoma has donated the first 10 Acre parcel to Core 300 already, and we need funds for architectural design right now! Help us raise the first $10,000 of the first $100,000 for our first  Leadership Academy by giving a one-time gift here 

Academy prototype_buildingCropped

                     Orphan Academy Prototype for 120 K-9 through K12 Boys                 According to a 2015 study, NO ONE is addressing this demographic group of discarded teens. Unless we act, these innocent victims will continue to be the greatest risk to their own nation as they grow into manhood because:

  • They are the farm team for the majority of crime in Kenya and beyond
  • They are the primary fertile recruiting field for muslim terrorist organizations to the north
  • They will perpetuate the tribal abuse and enslavement of children and women

We believe God wants to rescue and redeem these boys and redeem them with Christian higher education and vocational training, all in the bosom of loving teachers with the redemptive spirit of surrogate mothers and fathers.


Neither the government or US based charities are serving or giving any support to this glaring unchecked crisis, so we need your help to make this happen. Armed with the donation of five 10 Acre parcels already owned by the RCEA, we break ground in the Winter of 2017 on our first prototype Academy. Send us a note if you’d like to learn more.

Our East African TeamC300 Board Photo1
Core 300 Kenya Board is led by Rev. Barack Nyongesa. He coordinates with our US office as he provides leadership and project management for our indigenous Board of Directors in Kenyas and our team of 12 pastoral volunteers who each are responsible for mentoring other pastros and bringing the message of Core 300 to their own region of Kenya through 2 day paqstors conferences to as many as 400 pastros at a time.

Support an African Volunteer Pastor. Our volunteer pastors are trained and tested for integrity and communication skills before they are anointed for ministry by Core 300. You can join them in their journey’s to surrounding nations, helping them cover traveling expenses, as they spread the hope and power of the Core 300 message to pastors, village by village by going to our DONATE page, giving $30 and then check the box for monthly recurring payment                                                                                                                                                                                      

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