Transforming East Africa Report- August 2016

“Near the end of the 3 Day leadership conference 5 pastors gave their hearts to Jesus for the very first time, and many 100’s came forward to receive the blessing of the Spirit of adoption from their Father in heaven as true beloved sons…”

Then the Governor of the State of Bungoma asked, “What can we do to help you with your plans to build Teen-boy-orphan Academies in our state? Art Hobba replied, we need 10 Acres of easy access farmland deeded over to us, with no strings attached. “Done!” said the Governor, “When can you start?


Pic with Bungoma Governor 2016

From Left- PBL Director, Alex Achuti; Art Hobba, Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka, Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony, PBL Team Lead Barack Nyongesa

God moved in so many unplanned and miraculous ways, it’s difficult to write all of it down but, for a play-by-play summary, open this link.

Help us begin to raise $100,000 for our first Orphan Academy in Bungoma to be built in 2017, by giving a one-time or monthly gift here           

Update April 2016 – We are thrilled to announce the formalized Partnership with the Reformed church of East Africa where they bring their land and access to train 1,000 pastors and over 20,000 men in our 3-year Curricula. . .

RCEA lead team meeting 8-2016                

pastors conf 2013three days of prayer and strategy with the Board of Directors, the President, Rev. Musa Maina and Johan Lagat, Chief Operating Officer of the RCEA in Eldoret, Kenya. We agreed to partner
in 5 strategic initiatives with the RCEA in Eastern Africa. Starting with 2 Pastors Conferences for 1,500 RCEA Pastors and their leadership, plus another 1,000 pastors and bishops representing ten other denominations. Finally there will be over 100 government heads of state, seminary leaders, pastors and scores of law enforcement officers:

  • August 3-6 in Bungoma
  • August 8-10 in Eldoret

See the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both organizations on March 13, 2016.   The rollout summary includes an ambitious goal of building 60 Leadership Academies by 2030 for to train and nurture thousands of 14-17 year old orphaned boys abandoned to the street by the school system

The RCEA have offered 10 Acres parcels for 5 New Leadership Academies for Orphaned 13-17 year old Boys!

Academy prototype_buildingCropped

This is one of 5 initiatives we are doing together with the RCEA and maybe the mostly strategic. The greatest risk demographic, these 14-17 orphaned boys, are cast off from the educational system without hope, without any vocation, or means of support. 750,000 are sent into the streets. The high levels of crime, slavery and violence are controlled by older orphan-alumni, and they actively recruit these 8th graders as their new proteges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                DONATE

Yes, they are at high risk, but also they will become the highest risk to their own nation as they grow into manhood. We believe God wants to rescue and redeem this boys and shape them with higher education and vocational training, all in the bosom of loving surrogate mothers and fathers.


Neither the government or US based charities are serving or giving any support to this glaring unchecked crisis, so we need your help to make this happen. Armed with the donation of five 10 Acre parcels already owned by the RCEA, we break ground in the Winter of 2017 on our first prototype Academy. Send us a note if you’d like to learn more.

Academy prototype_buildingCropped

                                                              Orphan Academy Prototype for 50 Boy Teens

After the August Pastors conferences, the Lead Pastors will return to their churches with our full Warrior-Priest-King Curricula, donated to the RCEA by Core 300. Beginning in the Fall of 2016, they will implement Core 300 discipleship in all of the RCEA’s 600 churches, plus approximately 400 churches from several denominations who will be attending.

The awakening of the Warrior-Priest-King in men is already spreading across four countries. In addition, another 400-500 attending pastors from other denominations will take up the charge, and do the same at their home church.

These same trained ministers will form the basis of the faculty and mentors that will serve the Leadership Academy across East Africa one day.

800 men come to Christ through Core 300 Prison Ministries in Q1 2016

In the first quarter of 2016, 800 prisoners gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time. In September of 2016, in addition to evangelism, prison 2 blue windowsour prison teams in West Kenya and Nairobi will introduce our 3 semesters of The Warrior, The Priest, and The King as well. Currently we are working out the framework of the MOU, but a new Prison ministry Committee has been formed between both of us to execute.

The Men are Missing

Due to a series of new laws upholding, providing for, and empowering women, combined with high unemployment, many men in Kenya feel emasculated and marginalized, often feeling disoriented with their diminishing role in their family. They just stay away from their homes and churches to the extent that men now represent 15% of the adult members throughout the country.

A Sustainable Indigenous Solution       

77% the people of this region of Africa profess to be Christian.Half of these are Roman Catholic. However, their flavor of Christianity is hindered by the fact that 98% of households do not own a Bible. Thus they are easily manipulated by many pastors and bishops, who themselves often have a thin training in biblical theology.

African people suffer from many leaders who are not motivated by the serving and saving Spirit of Christ, but an ungodly and ignorant greed for power or monetary gain. This is the culture in which novice pastors are raised. Many of the people have been confused and torn apart by too many self-serving and poorly educated leaders, competing for, and sometimes “fleecing” their sheep through oppressive control measures and demands for more and more money. Our on-the-ground East Africa team of 8 Bible College educated, field trained men has mentored another 15 pastors in the last 12 months. They are focused on training pastors in our 3 year discipleship curricula, because, unlike in our country, they are the most influential pillar of leadership in their country. Thus, with their Indigenous pastors already in active ministry in the field, it is their humble and serving hearts, now equipped to make and mentor disciples of Jesus, that can transform their society. They will be powerful Culture Changers in their world, with your prayers and support.

Our East African TeamC300 Board Photo1
Core 300 Kenya Board is led by Rev. Barack Nyongesa. He coordinates with our US office as he provides leadership and project management for all other ministers. Yet as a Stage 6 Leaders (in the KING course) he is more of a team player, delegating equally to Pastor Alex and Bishop Barasa. Like all of Core 300’s ministers who serve churches in the US, all of those in Africa are volunteers with a bi-vocational calling, working every day as local pastors, regional bishops, or church planters, or entrepreneurs in their communities. In order to do that each of these tested and trained men need $30 per month for travel, administration, subsidies to feed their families.Support an African Volunteer Pastor. Our volunteer pastors are trained and tested for integrity and communication skills before they are anointed for ministry by Core 300. You can join them in their journey’s to surrounding nations, helping them cover traveling expenses, as they spread the hope and power of the Core 300 message to pastors, village by village by going to our DONATE page, giving $30 and then check the box for monthly recurring payment                                                                                                                                                                                      DONATE 

Did You Know?

  • 15% of Pastors do not own a Bible – help us get one to every practicing pastor in Bungoma County. After giving away 1000 so far, we are still 275 short of our goal!

  • Approximately 25% of all Christian ministers in East Africa have never received Christ!

  • 42% of Pastors have no formal training in Theology – Help us train Pastors using our Men’s Discipleship Curricula

  • “Lording it over” by Pastors and Bishops is pervasive. Many have been mentored to  operate in ignorance, with an attitude as a King among subjects. Jesus calls his shepherds to “lay down their lives” for their sheep, and he modeled meekness and humility by washing his Disciples feet on his last evening on earth before his ultimate service to us all in his willing Crucifixion.

  • Over 97% of Kenyan households do not own a Bible

       Help us put the Bible in the hands of Pastors and their people by                          giving here.

From Bishop Parton Wabomba of Mt. Elgon, West Kenya:

“Core 300 has touched my life and completely changed me.
Bungoma men’s conference was so wonderful to me and all the team from Mt Elgon. Brother Art, Wes, and all team may the Lord bless you so much. The conference shocked the whole Bungoma pastors leadership . I myself with a team of pastors, and Elders attended, and the Devil was defeated! Feet washing was a sign of humility and love service many leaders don’t practice it because of envy and jealousy. WELCOME TO KENYA NEXT TIME KARIBU (always be Welcome to) KENYA!!!”.

See more on the Conference Report page here.

Our thanks is extend to all of our Donors, who continue to stretch with us to move this much needed project forward.

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