Core 300 Leadership is comprised of typical men representative of a guy like you. We love men and care deeply about their welfare because we are passionate about our wives, families and the communities we live in. We also are convinced that we are assigned to an unwelcoming world under the dominion of the Devil and we take it personally that he has wreaked so much damage on the innocent through men duped by fear, lust and hatred. We are here to do what we can to put a small but meaningful dent in that in Jesus’ Name, and we’re not going to stop.


Art Hobba – Executive Administrator, Writer, Speaker


Steve Abarta – Editor, Video Production, Sales Fulfillment, Shipping, and Media

Wes Harding – Director, Men’s Curricula Customer Service, Speaker

Core 300 Board of Directors

Wes Harding           Steve Abarta (Emeritus)     Art Hobba                    Mark Jury

Pastor Wes Harding – Director, has served churches in the roles of men’s pastor, and executive pastor, for the past 12 years. He brings this deep experience and passion for developing men to serve as our church leadership liaison, helping them prepare and kickoff our “Power Tools” (curricula) at their church. Before the pastorate, Wes was previously an entrepreneur and led sales and marketing for several national organizations. Wes has two sons, and lives in El Segundo, CA with his Jeri and they have two sons and a daughter.

Art Hobba* – Founder and Chairman, Art has a strong blending of business and pastoral leadership. He previously served in executive roles at Public Tech companies and Grant Thornton. As the founder of Transcende in 2001, Art integrated Psycho-Social Science and Scripture based leadership values that enable an entire leadership team and their workplace to rise to new levels of profitability and joy. In the 80’s and early 90’s Art served as Pastor of two churches. His passion for men to be set free and to get “out of the stands and into the arena” led him to write Called to War, and Core 300’s 3 year curricula (The Warrior,The Priest and The King). He lives in Westlake Village, CA with his wife Sharon, and they have five grown sons!

Mark Jury – Director, Mark brings a highly developed leadership, healthcare, and technology perspective to our organization as a Senior IT executive at Amgen. His exceeded only in his passion as a disciple of Jesus and his love for his family. In addition to Core 300, Mark serves every week as a leader-volunteer with Malachi Men, a ministry of Awana international to inmates. Mark is a graduate of Wharton School of Business where he earned his MBA. Mark lives in Thousand Oaks, CA with his wife Sandy. They have three grown children together

Rev. Barak Nyongesa – Director of East African Ministries, is married to Mercy, and they have 5 children together. Mercy is also a capable minister and graduate of Bible School. Barack leads the overall operations for Principle Based Leadership (PBL) Core 300’s East African “Daughter” organization. PBL is registered Not-for-profit Association enterprise in Kenya.

Core 300 (PBL) East African Operations Board

Rev. Barak Nyongesa – VP of Operations, Board Chairman and Director, Principle Based Leadership (Core 300) East Africa

Rev. Amukowa Omunyala – Director, Principle Based Leadership (Core 300) East Africa

Rev. Protus Onchana – Director, Principle Based Leadership (Core 300) East Africa

Rev. Art Hobba – Founder and Director, Principle Based Leadership, East Africa (Based in USA)


US Advisory Board

C. Marsh Bull – Marsh is a retired executive with IBM Global Services, and the Founder of Men’s Group Foundation. He brings hands-on expertise to us in the areas of writing and social media. He and his wife live in Durango, CO

Brian Doyle – As the Founder and President of Iron Sharpens Iron, Brian is one of the primary leaders of the men’s discipleship movement in the US. He brings deeply seasoned, and strategic wisdom to our leadership team, and we work with him in helping establishing an ISI presence in Southern California.

Chris Hayward – President, Cleansing Stream Ministries has lead this dynamic organization for 18 years, and has shepherded their expansion into 28 countries with their materials translated into 5 languages. “Pastor Chris” has has both the heart and the experience to qualify as a special advisor to our Founder, Art Hobba at different and sometimes critical times in his ministry.

Dr. Jack Hayford – Former President, Foursquare International and Founding Chancellor, The Kings University, has known Art Hobba for over 45 years, and was his pastor and for the first 15 of those years. “Pastor Jack” continues to be Art’s father in the faith, and mentor Art, and provides advisory experience and spiritual covering for Art and the Board of Directors. As a world renown educator, he has been critical in guiding Art and thus Core 300 as an emerging go to resource for pastors and seminaries.

*Other than Art Hobba who just recently came on staff full time, all of our leaders in the US and worldwide are volunteers and receive no income from donor funds, sales, or event revenue. All funds that are received from our valued donors and church partners, including all sales proceeds derived from Art’s books and curricula, are reinvested back into improving and expanding ministry in accordance with our Values and Mission. At this time the bulk of our investment is in both East Africa and North America, “So Others May Live