Our Men’s Discipleship Process has five critical components

At Core 300, men’s discipleship all begins with The Warrior which is a men’s bible study boot camp that teaches men how to WIN their spiritual battles as an individual, as they learn to WIN their battles TOGETHER. The second year is called The Priest, and it operationalizes the Warrior by training the man as a servant leader to his wife, children, church and workplace. The final year is The King, and it brings a man into his highest called as a developing mentor and leader of leaders.

Process chart 2015

Our unique five step process five step process will transform the typical church (which often has very modest men’s involvement) into one burgeoning with men on mission! These men learn to surround their pastor with support and prayer, and to serve their wives, kids and their workplace as intentional agents of their King Jesus.

1) Prayer – To begin, a few men must respond to God’s call to faithfully “plow the field” with intercession and spiritual battle for those they love. This “SWAT Team” helps “plow the field” for men to become free men in their church, and community

2) Leadership Development – “Squad” or small group leaders must emerge as core disciples and servant leaders by getting real, learn the skills, and serve as undershepherds to other men as they catch the vision!

3) Unfiltered, Non-religious, Men’s Bible curriculum – that includes over 500 scripture references designed to teach a new paradigm for living, and to prepare and initiate men as disciples who confront the reality of offensive and defensive warfare

4) Formation of “Squads” of 5-6 men who build a band of brothers through a bond of love and trust, and who learn to do spiritual battle for one another, side-by-side

5) Deployment to change the world means everyman fulfills his Christian calling as better husbands, and fathers, and to make a local impact by filling the “Hole in the Gospel” through his servant leadership, unique gifts and resources

Watch a Warrior Kick-off Breakfast, and see men rise up and step into the Arena!

Year One: The Warrior

Year Two: The Priest

Year Three: The King