Mens Discipleship was the first cornerstone of the strength and posterity of the early church. . .it is the same today

Ever wonder what it would be like to hang with Jesus in the early first century?

Do you think you would be a more committed discipleĀ if you heard His words and saw the stuff He did? Maybe your walk has lost a step or two…or maybe you have been totally sidelined with stuff like divorce, serious debtedness or some moral failure. Here are a few other questions I think about:

  • What does it mean to keep your “first love” with God?
  • What is the dream God dreamed when He made you…and where has it gone?
  • Are there a couple of guys out there who I can learn to trust with my life that are just regular guys with “life scars” like me? Guys who have my back, and with whom I can be totally real with?

Our Process – Like Jesus’ pattern and process for training the 12 men, and then later the 72 disciples during his 3 year ministry, our Three Years of mens discipleship curricula (The Warrior; The Priest; and The King) was designed with the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Each year sequentially builds up the man and calls him to a new level of leadership. Then we deploy him into ministry.

Process chart 2015

There is no program here to “feed me more so I can eat more.” Men want to win. . .and they want to act. Core 300 delivers both by leading and equipping them through concrete, but often hidden, biblical processes that will make men’s disciples a force of transformational in their church and their community, for God’s Glory. Contact us today…and start the adventure of the ages. . .

Find out more about each of our three years of mens discipleship:

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