CORE 300’s Mens discipleship training curriculum provides 3 sequential semesters of transformative biblical training called The Warrior, The Priest, and The King.

“The quality and depth of the Core 300 men’s discipleship training curriculum is the finest men’s material I have ever seen.”– Dr. Jack Hayford, Chancellor and Founder, Kings University

We support pastors, men’s ministry leaders, and local churches across all denominational segments, delivering full-on deployment of men “into the arena” to serve this fallen planet with the light, the love and the force of the Kingdom of God. 

“I’ve searched and tried everything for 30 years. . .every book, and every men’s curriculum, to try to engage my men, but nothing worked. Then God led me to read the book Called to War and then we bought the 19 week Core 300 Warrior men’s discipleship training curriculum. And our men caught fire! Right now we have 50 men in the Priest course every week, and many are loving it even more than they loved the Warrior!”      – Pastor Randy, Marrietta, GA


The Warrior Launch Kit

We offer your church three years of transforming Mens Curriculum that disciples and engages a man “in the arena”

The Warrior  is a 19-week mens discipleship training “Bootcamp” experience that the guys just love! Following the example of Gideon, the student-warrior, led by a trained Squad Leader, courageously crushes all personal idols, and learns how to fight and win his spiritual battles in the Armor of God. His personal victory is realized as he merges into a band of brothers who have learned how to advance the Kingdom of God by locking shields of faith in mutual strength and protection.

Core 300’s 3-year Pathway

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 “The Core 300 men’s curriculum is effectively tapping in to what is needed to engage American men in powerful kingdom-focused ways in their families, churches, and communities. They use the biblical themes of the warrior Gideon to challenge us to “get into the arena” — first by building key interdependent community with other men, then freeing us from the bonds drag men down, and finally by “spurring us on to love and good deeds” in practical ways. The content is transforming.            –  Steve Adams, Christian Associates, Director of Strategic Partnerships

The Priest – continues the mens discipleship training, reaching beyond the man to those whom God has placed within arms’ reach: his marriage, his children (and grandchildren), his church, and his workplace. This 18-week men’s discipleship training course trains men together how to mobilize the Spirit-filled and equipped Warrior as an activist, servant leader, exemplified by our High Priest, Christ Jesus.

The King – is the pinnacle of our mens discipleship training curricula, where the Priest servant-leader graduate learns the art and skills of mentoring and leading others, and learning their mission of growing into a leader of leaders. This Bible study provides the framework for God to move each disciple toward becoming the dream HE dreamed when he made him!


Starting in a mega-church teetering on collapse, God raised up a small group of common men who began calling men “Out of the Stands, and into the Arena,” and 140 men heeded the call. Inspired by Gideon’s 300 in Judges 6, this man and his 300 were the most courageous and ruthless fighting force in military history, Core 300 men’s discipleship became a three year, cutting edge men’s curricula deeply invested in biblical study and leadership principles.

Core 300’s Discipleship Training’s Fourfold Objective:

1)  A call men’s discipleship…Out of the Stands and Into the Arena” into a focused boot camp experience, following the journey of Gideon into a walk of complete and redemptive victory

2)  Connect men to one another as a “Band of Brothers” and Warriors with a common enemy, and teach them to embrace openness as a lifestyle while they lock shields together in victory.

3) Equip men for “all in” men’s discipleship, contemporary spiritual warfare in the Armor of God, followed by world class instruction in servant leadership

4)  Deploy men into significant ministry (and their families) to others in a way that connects real human need with their gifting, their passion, and the practical presence of Jesus Christ

The Book “Called to War: Out of the Stands and into the Arena,” is a “must read for every man,” and quickly becoming known as “the best men’s book since “Wild at Heart.” It is also the textbook for the first year “Warrior” course.

“I highly recommend Core 300 to assist you and your church in implementing this incredibly motivating training for men to “Rise-Up” and take leadership in the local church. Your church will never be the same!”                  – Larry Carignan, Elder, Calvary Community Church

CORE 300  is a 501c3 Non-profit mens discipleship Logo Commitment to Transparency - Recognized by Intelligent Philanthropy SMorganization that is endorsed by Intelligent Philanthropy for fiscal accountability. We have no paid staff, so every tax deductible dollar that is given goes directly towards men’s discipleship worldwide.See our 2013 Form 990N here

“Those who read “Called to War” will be infused with biblical truths that equips them for life.  This book is alive and powerful” -Coach Bill McCartney, Founder of Promise Keepers