Making Disciples Out of Prisoners

Decades of government corruption, borrowing, and illegal siphoning of wealth from approved budgetary initiatives by previous administrations had crippled much of Kenya’s ability to capitalize on the good fortune of rich natural resources, foreign investment, and economic growth.

“Rehabilitation had failed, raising levels of recidivism and Islamic Radicalization to intolerable highs

The Prison System, along with many parts of society including schools, business development, and public services, was one that suffered more than others.

Rehabilitation had failed, raising levels of recidivism and Islamic Radicalization to intolerable highs. Of the many 80,000 incarcerated prisoners, had returned two or even six or more times to the familiarity of this sad community. Oftentimes the standard of living of the guards was lower than that of the inmates.

                              Chaplain Chris Wafula brings a message of hope and joy to men in a Bungoma Prison yard

The crisis had worsened by the end of July, 2016, when the Department of Chaplaincy finally received approval from Corrections to release the Partnership Project to the Public. In this they reached out to private local and international organizations with open arms for help on various good will missions to improve the mental, spiritual and physical well being of the incarcerated community, and to strengthen each prisoner, readying them for a life of success out side of their gray walls.

Our Core 300 US Team had just arrived in Bungoma, and was just 4 hours into the Warrior Course when several excited Kenyan Prison Chaplains, led by one of their Regional Directors, Chris Wafula came up to us and began telling us, “This is it! This is it!”

It took several minutes to begin to understand  a little bit about the program and almost a full day later the next week. The required paperwork was filled out, and 2 weeks later samples of The Warrior, The Priest, and The King were sent to the Corrections Chaplaincy Review Board.

We heard nothing for the next 6 months, and then the call came from Chris telling us we were selected!

Many Kenyan Chaplains attended our second Pastors conference in Bungoma where a few of their leaders came to us declaring they believed we had written the curricula they had been looking for to use for a vital and sweeping government-backed initiative to provide discipleship training to EVERY prison inmate and employee in the nation of Kenya.

Since that day, we have been invited to partner with the Department of Corrections Chaplaincy nationwide on a three phased rollout. The first phase begins late 2017 with Core 300 training 40 of their officers beginning in December of 2017.

Objective: Full Implementation by 2023

As the 2nd Head of our 3 Headed Spear Strategy, the mutual goal we share with the Chaplains is to be have all 80,000 inmates, 5,000 prison employees, 2,000 Tenn-orphan students of prisoners fully engaged in training by 2023.

Phase 1 – Starts 12-1-2017 for the Warrior Launch in 6 Prisons in West Kenya;

Phase 2 – US and Kenyan Core 300 Leaders train 450 Chaplains by end of 2018

Phase 3 – Complete Full implementation and gain approval as the Kenya’s Correction System required curricula on an ongoing basis

Partner Donors Needed by THIS November

Our US headquarters has agree by faith to provide for the costs of the first phase and the Kenyan Chaplaincy agreed to provide for Phases two and three and beyond. In others words, other than a small investment, the annual training of almost 90,000 men and women in one of the darkest cells of Africa will be sustained by indigenous leaders!

“. . .other than a small investment now, the annual training of almost 90,000 men and women in one of the darkest cells of Africa will be sustained by indigenous leaders year after year!”

We need to send 2 Board members to oversees for this first 3-day training event and to solidify the administrative processes and costs for printing, etc. Our Kenyan leadership will oversee the full operations, reporting to our home office in the US.

Our costs for travel and printing total $9,000. You can “go” with us through your generous financial support.