Called to War: Out of the Stands… Into the Arena 

By Art Hobba

Discover how Gideon, as a young fearful man, was found hiding in the winepress, and then transformed into a “Mighty Warrior.” Then join him on the same adventure! This is the perfect devotional gift or men’s group Bible study. . .you’ll NEVER be the same! Complete with growth probing end of chapter questions for personal devotional use or small group interaction. But watch out, this is NOT a NICE book, It is a DANGEROUS book! Table of Contents

Called to War – PaperbackCalled to War

Called to War – eBook  $3.99

Called to War – Paperback – 6 Pack $79.99

Called to War – Audio Book



Llamados a la Guerra:

Libro de bolsillo -“Called to War” 



Warrior Field Manual (Student Curriculum)* 

18 weeks of power packed lessons withthe_warrior_field_manual
interactive study in your “Squad.” (NOTE: This is the manual for the Warrior (student) in larger group course, NOT a student manual for “Called to War”)

Warrior Field Manual* – 6 Pack

Warrior  Master Trainer Manual by Art Hobba

(8.5×11 – 215 pages color) Two in flow 9–week Sessions of “The Warrior” with teachers answer key, illustrations, media notes, and story suggestions to help facilitate the “Bootcamp” experience at the Tables with the “Squads.” Includes 200+ PPT Deck; Multi-media; This is the teachers resource for The Warrior course and uses “Called to War” as its textbook.* The Warrior Master Manual                                        $189.00

Warrior Launch Kit*
Everything you need to launch the Warrior at your church! See here for a detailed list of all that you get….everything you need to succeed in raising up Mighty Warriors at your church!

Warrior Launch Kit 

*For large group study system (10-300) only

Warrior Small Group Men’s Bible Study by Art Hobba

Tired of going through the book of the month? Fire up your small group with this 18 week study of Gideon and the Armor of God like you’ve never seen before! Watch as your men bond and advance together, locking their Shields of Faith in prayer. Many testify that they are winning their spiritual battles for the first time. The study includes everything you need for a group of five…18 weeks of power packed lessons will transform each man into a Mighty Warrior! 

Includes: 1 Warrior Small Group Leader Manual;  5 copies of “Called to War”, 4 Warrior Small Group Field Manuals; 


Warrior Small Group Leader Manual includes Field Manual answer keys, research, and rich resources to help the study leader facilitate the “Bootcamp” experience with the small group  $89.99 

Warrior Small Group Field Manual   $10.99

(NOTE: This is the manual for the small  group course, NOT a student manual for “Called to War” book)

Need more manuals? Get the Warrior Small Group Field Manual 5 Pack $50.00

Small Group Leader Training

Leadership Training System for Table or Small Groups with DVD Set (4)

Called to War Small Group KitTransform your small group leaders with our System!

Subjects include: Discipler Skills, Group Facilitation Skills; Listening Skills; People Reading Skills; Leading Others through DISC; Undershepherding Men; and Correcting with Love and Courage.

See Small Group Leader Training Contents

Leadership Training System

Small Group Leader Field Manual, which works in concert with both the Small Group Leaders DVD Series and the and/or the Squad Leader Trainers Manual $10.99

NOTE: This Squad Leaders manual works in concert with the Squad Leader Trainers Manual   

Small Group Leader Trainers Manual-This leaders guide is a powerful and proven resource to raise up and train men as leaders. Equip them to step out as stage one, skilled leaders in your church for small groups or ministry teams. NOTE: This leaders manual works in concert with the Squad Leader Field Manual 

Squad Leader Master Training Manual $24.99

Warrior Armor of God CoinWarrior Armor of God Coin – Custom minted for Core 300

NOTE: We can only sell these to those who jhave:

  1. Completed Called to War OR
  2. Completed the Small Group or WarriorSmall Froupin preparation of  completing of “The Warrior” Course, or after an individual has completed the book “Called to War”

DiSC Behavioral Style Test and Coaching Report $12.00

The Priest by Art Hobba

The Priest Field ManualThe Priest Field Manual

The Priest Field Manual 6 Pack

The Priest Launch Kit  – includes: 1 Priest Master Trainer Manual in full color;1 Priest  Field Manual; 1 copy each of “Prayer is Invading the Impossible” and “Destined for the Throne” (course textbooks); PPT Slide Deck plus 1- Priest Armor of God coin; MVI Motivator and Test with Coaching Report $249.00

The Priest Master Trainer Manual  Full Color with teachers answer key, illustrations and story tips. Includes Slide Deck

The Priest Master Trainer Manual $169.00


The Priest Armor of God CoinThe Priest Armor of God Coin $10.99



Prayer is Invading the ImpossiblePrayer is Invading the Impossible

by Jack Hayford



Destined for the Throne by Paul BillheimerDestined for the Throne

by Paul Billheimer

MVI Motivator and Test with Coaching Report (included in The Priest course)

The King by Art HobbaSlide1

The King Field Manual  $12.99

The King Master Trainer Manual $189.00

The King Launch Kit
Master Trainer Manual, Field Manual, 1 King Armor of God Coin, PPT Slide Deck and HVI-PBL Assessment Profile, 1 copy of “The 5 Levels of Leadership” (text) by John Maxwell $249.00

The 5 Levels of Leadership (The King textbook)

by John Maxwell
$20.99 Hardback

The King Small Group Armor of God Coin –

Custom minted for Core 300


Hartman Principle Based Leadership Test (HVI-PBL) with Report (included in The King course) $12.00