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"Called to War is a critical book for men in our time… Frank Pastore

 “Women buy this book for the men you love!”
-Marc Stein, President Gospel Light worldwide

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Preparing the Next Generation for War

This three day weekend is taught to fathers and their teenage sons as a Christian Rite of Passage and concludes with a Armor of God Coin ceremony where the Father is first conveyed his coin and then he conveys a matching coin to his son.

The CoreArmy Rite of Passage course engages and unifies the father and son (or mentor and teen) into our common war and then trains them in a pathway parallel to the 20 week The Warrior series.

The study, founded on the life of Gideon and interlaced with high powered DVD segments, teaches how to practically enter in to the world of men’s discipleship. Living in Christ's authority by faith, they will learn how to rule with Jesus in the heavenly realms and in Jesus' Mighty Name. Lessons learned in this Rite of Passage include courage, worship, spiritual warfare, and living on the "offense" and not "defense" when it comes to peer pressure and leading by example.

Together as warriors, Father and son return to their homes “suited up,” into the battle for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Now, as praying spiritual warriors, they have covenanted to be each others 911’s, locking shields for a lifetime of trial and victory.

 Dads and son’s together will open up to each other as a man-to-man level like never before and bonds are healed or strengthened for a lifetime of standing together. To learn more how to connect with CoreArmy, contact us.

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A CoreArmy Grad Experience:

"This last weekend my Dad and I went away for a time and we experienced the CoreArmy program together. When we were not surfing or eating, we were learning about Gideon...and how God called him a Mighty Warrior even though he was hiding and alone and afraid. God took away my fears and called me into manhood as his Warrior and I was filled with the Holy Spirit and received a new kind of strength I have never felt before. When the summer is over I can't wait to go back to school."

- Jordan, 12


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