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"Called to War is a critical book for men in our time… Frank Pastore

The Priest

Year two consist of two 10 week semesters for the men who have completed The Warrior course. The textbooks are Prayer is Invading the Impossible by Jack Hayford and Destined for the Throne by Paul Bilheimer

The Priest course engages the Warrior, now suited up, into the battle for the Kingdom of God. Now, as praying spiritual warriors, this men's study teaches how to leverage Christ's authority, by faith, in the heavenly realms and in Jesus' Mighty Name. Lessons include how to anoint with oil and pray for his wife and members of his family, his home, church and community.

He learns to pray for his tablemates and practices various forms of prayers of the spiritual warrior including praise, worship, petition, healing, intercession and the prayers of deliverance. Finally, he studies the High Priest Jesus in Hebrews and joins Him in targeted intercessory prayer paired with fasting, for the release of victorious breakthrough when the enemy and circumstances seek to overwhelm his life and those of whom he loves.

The Priest men's curriculum includes the MVI Assessment which measures personal “inner wiring’ regarding motivators and drivers that represent our passions. This test helps the Disciple gain deeper insight into how he is motivated to serve God and identifies areas for future growth and spiritual gifting.

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Our Values

Of all that is important to Him, we believe that God is about loving, calling and lifting men to their highest level of servant leadership. We also believe that He values people, family and relationships above things, tasks, and time...and far above the ignorant and prideful ideologies of men."


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