“Women, buy this book for the men you love! Called to War will most assuredly be compared with Wild at Heart, Healing the Masculine Soul and Raising a Modern Day Knight. Art Hobba’s resourcefulness takes new ground earning inclusion in this unique fellowship of unabashed Servant Warriors. Men-of-God, saddle up; you have been Called to War!’   

-- Marc Stein, President, Gospel Light Worldwide




The Warrior

The Warrior – is the first in the Series of men’s curriculum, this semester builds men’s faith by taking the man through “boot camp” experience, modeling the life of Gideon, his calling, his worship, his courage, his leadership and his victory. The session culminates with complete exposition on the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, the dimensions and strategies of spiritual battles and a military style conveyance ceremony of the Core 300 Armor of God Coin.

There are three years of men’s discipleship training in the Core 300 curriculum. The Warrior, The Priest and The King, with all containing two 10-week semesters. These are designed as ideal for both a large men’s ministries program and individual men’s small groups.

Listen as Art discusses with Frank Pastore the power of the Squad Leader as he serves the men at his table.

Art Hobba’s new book Called to War: Out of the Stands...Into the Arena, is the text book for year one.

The Warrior curriculum also includes an  online DiSC Assessment which measures behavioral styles to help the discipleship process and those in a small groups gain deeper insight into how they, and others, are uniquely “wired” by God.

"I highly recommend Core 300 to assist you and your church in   implementing this incredibly motivating training for men to “Rise-Up” and take leadership in the local church. Your church will never be the same!"

                     - Larry Carignan, Elder, Calvary Community Church

Buy Called to War


"Let him who desires peace prepare for war."

  - Vegetius

See Art's blog to see what's new...

"Today, I am a Warrior. When I wake up, I awaken to the invisible battle in this fallen world (and sometimes in me) and take it on, offensively. Although I do not win every fight, I have set my face for and found victory as God’s Mighty Warrior!"

- Mike Gregory, Core 300 Warrior Grad





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