Transforming East Africa

Repenting of the Tribal Attitude of the Dictatorship of the Man and embracing the Servant-Leader heart of Jesus is the where the first day begins. Then we take each man through the dismantling their self-protective “false armor” and teach them how to put on the Armor of God, enabling the man of God to win his battles as a Mighty Warrior in the community of a Band of Brothers.

The second day of our training teaches every man, who now stands erect in victory, to look to Jesus as his Mentor-Servant-Leader, and beginning with his wife and children, serve them like Jesus serves and loves us. Finally they become skilled in finding and leading other men in the same way and families and churches are transformed.

This August, we made our 3rd trip to West Kenya to train 600 pastors, bishops, elders and senior leaders from over 10 denominations. In addition, business, denominational, correctional, and senior government leaders were present from 5 countries. All were called to a radical new model of Biblical leadership and then equipped for their Arena as husbands, fathers and leaders. Their mission was not just to learn, but to go and teach other leaders using our curricula. and as this movement mushrooms by Holy Spirit’s initiative, true inside out transformation is happening!

Through this messages I repented of beating my wife. My tribe taught me beating her was the only way to be a real man, but now I see Jesus is a servant first. I am no longer afraid of these men, and my wife and children are so very happy!”   – Pastor Onchano – March 2017

Twelve Men training of over one million Pastors in the nation of Kenya

Today, using our Warrior-Priest-King curricula, momentum is growing at a annual rate of 615%! Every month as groups of pastors as large as 450 gather for our 2-day conferences, trained volunteer pastors spread these words of transformation across East Africa.

We don’t pay salaries because these men have their own churches or side businesses, but by faith we have been covering much of their ministry expenses. But since February, we have already outgrown our capacity to support these good men. Will you and your family join the Missions Team of  one of these Pastors for $100/month for 12 months to cover their travel, training, and relief expenses?

DONATE  now so we can help support these 12 teams of volunteer pastors who are traveling across the countrysides teaching pastors and bishops so they can break the spells of tribal brutality and teach their men to love their wives and children. Any monthly gift helps us meet our $2,400 per month commitment to cover their on-the-ground expenses.      

Core 300 (Principle Based Leadership) is a 501c3, Volunteer-led ministry. Every donation and all published materials serve our mission to empower Pastors and rescue men worldwide.