Men’s Leaders

Leading other men is the hard work of actively pursuing and praying for men to be all they can be in Christ…and to help connect them to one another and the reality of the pervasive presence of a hostile war of darkness orchestrated by Satan. We must first embrace the reality that we’re in a no prisoners battle before we can learn to win. Read more


Core 300 exists to serve you by calling and equipping men around you, and to help release the vision God has placed in your heart. Church Health studies and Scripture both, bear out the truth that as the men go in the local church (measured by their level of engagement)…so goes the church. Men’s Ministry is not supposed to be liked herding cats,  Read more.

Just Guys

Most men are loners. . .and lonely, even while fist bumping the guy next to them after a touchdown! The recent book, Called to War, by Art Hobba, is changing that. Get the book today and you learn how you can follow Gideon out of the Winepress of fear and isolation, into your destiny of becoming that Mighty Warrior!” God has already seen in your future! But it will take God + His Word + Other Men to make it happen. This is the secret sauce Read more

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