About Core 300

CORE 300 is an cutting edge, men’s discipleship movement that calls men to an “all in” lifestyle as a Jesus follower. We serve local churches across all denominational segments, with three successive years of Bible-based men’s curriculum aimed at full-on deployment of men of action to serve this dark planet with a focus on bringing the light and love of the Kingdom of God into their local community.

Core 300’s Fourfold Objective:

1)  Call men to discipleship… “Out of the Stands and Into the Arena” into a focused boot camp experience, following the journey of Gideon into a walk of complete and redemptive victory

2)  Connect men to one another as a “Band of Brothers” and Warriors with a common enemy, and teach them to embrace openness as a lifestyle while they lock shields together in victory.

3) Equip men for first century men’s discipleship and contemporary, multidimensional, spiritual warfare and servant leadership.

4)  Deploy men and their families into significant ministry to others in a way that connects real human need with their gifting, their passion, and the practical presence of Jesus Christ

The Book “Called to War: Out of the Stands and into the Arena,” is a “must read for every man,” and quickly becoming known as “the best men’s book since “Wild at Heart.” It is also the textbook for the first year “Warrior” course.

Core 300 Pathway

We offer your church three years of Discipleship Training including:

The Warrior – learning the majesty of Sonship, and then forsaking all idols, how to fight and win this good fight, side by side, with a Band of Brothers.

The Priest – reaches beyond you to those whom God has placed within arms’ reach, to serve and to lead in the example of Christ.

The King – is where we learn the art and skill of not only leading others but the privilege of leading leaders and watching God extend your influence for His good and glory.

“I highly recommend Core 300 to assist you and your church in implementing this incredibly motivating training for men to “Rise-Up” and take leadership in the local church. Your church will never be the same!”                  – Larry Carignan, Elder, Calvary Community Church

Our Process has five critical components

1) Prayer – To begin, a few men must respond to God’s call to faithfully “plow the field” with intercession and spiritual battle for those they love. This “SWAT Team” helps “plow the field” for men to become free men in their church, and community

2) Leadership Development – “Squad” or small group leaders must emerge as servant leaders by getting real, learn the skills, and serve as undershepherds to other men as they catch the vision!

3) Unfiltered, Non-religious, Training – that teaches a new paradigm and prepares and initiates men in offensive and defensive warfare

4) Formation of “Squads” of 5-6 men who build a bond of love and trust, and who learn to do spiritual battle for one another, side-by-side

5) Deployment to change the world means everyman fulfills his Christian calling as better husbands, and fathers, and to make a local impact by filling the “Hole in the Gospel” through his servant leadership, unique gifts and resources