There are five ways we are calling men and women to step in to the arena with us:

1. Start-up a Core 300 Unit – Cell Leaders, Pastors and Men’s leadership teams can find out how to launch a Core 300 group in your city here.

2. Join the Founding Warriors Circle – for as long as they last, each Core 300 Founder has the opportunity to obtain a beautifully presented set of custom-minted Founder Armor of God coins.

Only 300 sets have been minted and for a one-time donation of $300 they can be yours.This support group will also partner with us in our quarterly conference calls and annual planning events.

Partners Circle – The long term foundation of this ministry will be built upon the livelihoods of those who go, those who pray and those who give. This group is made up of our Partners who stand with us, month to month, for $20. Click to find out more about being a Partner.

Enlist – Membership in Core 300 is open to men and women, ages 12 through 80. You will be regularly updated as to our plans and progress of this exciting new ministry. You can participate in our blogs, articles, social networking sites and receive advanced book chapters. Enlist here.

Our SWAT (Spiritual Weapons And Tactics) Team – Our SWAT Team provides ongoing spiritual covering and protection as we unveil the enemies strategies and then penetrate the darkness with the light of the Message of freeing and deploying Pastors, Leaders and the men they serve, into their destiny. We are now coordinating our front line SWAT Team in intercessory prayer with targeted fasting so we might move unhindered with boldness and with God’s provision. Click to join this group of Warriors

For details, contact us


Wes Harding, Executive Director
Agoura Hills, CA 91301