“Out of the Stands and Into the Arena” by Art Hobba

Called to War      Table of Contents      Testimonials

“Those who read “Called to War” will be infused with biblical truths that equips them for life.  This book is alive and powerful”  -Coach Bill McCartney, Founder, Promise Keepers

Called to War is so needed by men today. It helped me realize how much I needed to stop standing alone against the spiritual battles I face, and lock shields with a few good men. Read it…it will strengthen you as a husband, father and as a man… ‘So others may live!’” – Dr. Terry Schroeder, Four-time Olympian, Head Coach Men’s USA Water Polo

Called to War is a critical book for men in our time” – Frank Pastore, KKLA, #1 Rated Christian Talk Show Host in the US

“Men who read this book will discover their divine destiny and the courage, in Christ’s armor, to fight and win their spiritual battles.” – Dr. Rick Blackmon, Psychologist

“Art Hobba understands that the authentic Christian life is often a spiritual battle.  The insights and counsel he provides in “Called to War” will help every one who is committed to follow Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives.”  – Dr. Paul Cedar, Chairman, Mission America

“Just finished reading the book “Called to War” and have not even started the group part yet!  The book alone has inspired me to change and take my role as a father, husband and spiritual leader more seriously.  I can’t wait to start the group part.  I highly recommend this book to any man…single or not!” – Sparky Sparks, Men’s Leader

“This is not a marriage book, it is a man’s book, yet many of the wives of men in our Warrior class were telling me how years praying for their husband had been answered” – Pastor Wes Harding, The Bridge Church, El Segundo

“Women, buy this book for the men you love! Called to War will most assuredly be compared with Wild at Heart, Healing the Masculine Soul and Raising a Modern Day Knight. Men-of-God, saddle up; you have been Called to War!’  – Marc Stein, President,   Gospel Light Worldwide

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