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       Table of Contents

“Out of the Stands and Into the Arena”

Prologue and Forward

Introduction: The Warrior Who Wins His Spiritual Battles

Chapter One: Beginnings

Chapter Two: Alone, Hiding and Disqualified

Chapter Three: Sacrificial Blood on the Floor

Chapter Four:  Spiritual Warfare Bootcamp

Chapter Five: Metamorphosis — From Fearful Farmer to Baal Buster

Chapter Six: From Asherah to Ashes: Violent Men Taking It by Force

Chapter Seven: Declaring Your Leadership

Chapter Eight: My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

Chapter Nine: Dress for Success in the Armor of God

Chapter Ten: The Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit

Chapter Eleven: To Know Me is to Love Me

Chapter Twelve: Game Face: Settling for Nothing Short of Total Annihilation

Epilogue: What’s Next?