The King is year three of the Core 300 coursework. and is for men who have completed both The Warrior and The Priest coursework. The trained Warrior-Priest has now walking authentic community, and is serving both inside and outside of the walls of their local church…making disciples and salting the earth where they live and work. Now, as he will the essentials and the secrets of servant leadership and the glorious calling of the first stages of leading leaders through examining the Scripture at the table with his fellow leaders in training. This is also where the man begins to discovers and deploys his holy Spirit gifting, and the unique skills which help him take ground towards his destiny…to rule and reign with Jesus, partaking of his virtue.

The King men’s discipleship coursework includes the Hartman Value Index which helps the servant leader better understand the three dimensions of how they face, and value the outside world of others, tasks, and systems as will as inner attributes of self esteem, self direction, and your role in life. The diagram below is based upon Hartman’s Value Theory.

The King is currently being developed and into the full course. Look for an announcement in Winter of 2013 for the release of the Small Group Series.