The Warrior – is the first in the series of Core 300 men’s discipleship curriculum, this semester builds men’s faith by taking the man through “boot camp” experience, modeling the life of Gideon, his calling, his worship, his courage, his leadership and his victory. The session culminates with complete exposition on the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, the dimensions and strategies of spiritual battles culminating with  a military style conveyance ceremony of the Core 300 Armor of God Coin.


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The Core 300 Warrior course design includes several unique distinctives not found in other men’s Christian study materials:

1. We call men out. . .and then build men as leaders – our Founder has spent many years studying and training corporate executives and military officers in leadership development. As the author of “Principle Based Leadership,” and “Called to War,” Art Hobba has molded his theological training into systems that can build and release leadership in your church.

2. Core 300 develops experienced teachers in your church. We do not sell plug and play DVD’s, but use online streamed videos to help prepare a novice/untried teacher to present, live to their class or small group. Email us to ask for our Warrior Kickoff Breakfast link to see Session One for yourself. If you want to start training leaders today, our Core 300 Small Group Training System is a great place to begin to develop seasoned leaders of men and to build up your bench for the future. It includes four 90minute training session DVD’s, trainers guide and Field Manuals for your Leaders in Training.

This chart outlines the process of bringing in the Warrior in small

Two pathways into the Warrior Bootcamp

groups using the Warrior Small Group Training System, or as a whole church men’s group movement using the Warrior Launch Kit.

3. Core 300 is lovingly exclusive. Like an Army recruit, men must sign on, counting the cost, in order to go through the course.

4. Deployment – many Bible based studies miss the point of the Gospel. . . DEPLOYMENT! What value is there if a soldier finished Boot Camp only to be paraded around in his new uniform?  Core 300 believes there is poverty, fatherlessness, and bondage in every churches local sphere and has forged alliances with national ministries to help deploy men in their own community to “salt” their local sphere with God’s love and the power of service.

There are three years of men’s discipleship training in the Core 300 curriculum. The Warrior, The Priest and The King, with all containing 19-20 weeks of interactive study. These are designed as ideal for both a large men’s ministries program and individual men’s small groups. This is how we bring Jesus discipleship model to you over the three years:


Our 3 Year Discipleship Process

Art Hobba’s highly popular men’s book Called to War: Out of the Stands…Into the Arena, is the text book for year one.

Read what men are saying about their Core 300 Warrior experience:

“We just launched the Core 300 movement here at UCLA. When you have college students telling you (that have not yet attended) that they have heard from other students how good the meetings have been speaks volumes – students are talking! Our attendance has doubled from last year.” – Rev. Mike Buchanan, AIA Regional Director of Campus Ministry, UCLA

“I highly recommend Core 300 to assist you and your church in implementing this incredibly motivating training for men to “Rise-Up!” Your church will never be the same”  – Larry Carignan, Elder, Calvary Community Church

This unique men’s discipleship study asked me to look deep; past the surface, to realize who I had become, and what I was lacking in my walk with God. In my Squad were men like me. Together we grew and became more self-less.  – Dave Tofanelli, Consultant and Adjunct Professor, Biola University

Core 300 taught me that learning to wear the Armor of God sets you apart and prepares you take on the curve balls life throws at you. The armor of God protects us from the anger, lust, jealousy, and greed that can control your life. One of the best parts of being in the Core 300 was seeing the desire of other men to become a Warrior, Priest, and King. – David Lippman

Learning how to lock shields with other men, bonding in trust, and seeking the protection that comes when a men’s small group loves and defends one another, was a wonderful experience that has changed me forever. The Warrior study opened my eyes and my heart to be fully engaged in the center of the battles of my life. As a result of the Warrior training, the personal bondage to porn, a failing marriage, and other personal failures in my life are being defused. – Len

Upon graduation from the Warriors men’s study, I was presented with a majestic coin that I carry in my wallet. This coin reminds me daily to put on the Armor of God and be prepared to face each day. What Art and his team gave me in this men’s study was a delightful insight to myself. The courses were not easy and in fact I had several classes where the subjects were downright uncomfortable. I therefore have learned to be a Warrior, a Priest and a King. All were brought to me as challenges to undertake and conquer. This men’s ministry is an experience that can change each men’s life and make him an overcomer.

– Jim, McMichael, Lt. Colonel, USAF Ret