Core 300 FAQ Sheet


  1. Can we use the book for a men’s Bible Study?

Absolutely! It was designed for 1-1 and small group use, but it is best used in conjunction with the Warrior workbook and one of our two leaders guides.

Our Warrior Small Group Kit provides everything you need for an 18 week study for 3-8 men. For a larger group, it is important that you follow the full Warrior Course curriculum which is included in the robust Warrior Launch Kit. The Kit has launch preparation, planning processes, 3 year Course Overview, Course Guide, tips and timelines, ministry role descriptions and event formats. PLUS the teachers can view each session via video streaming as previously taught with a live men’s group by Art Hobba. Also included is the Squad Leaders Training (Four 90 minute HD DVD sessions) materials.

  1. Is this course a “come and go” or open format, or is it designed to be sequential?

This is a Boot Camp and therefore each session builds on the one before it. We are training men on life or death issues here. In addition, the men each build an increasing level of trust and shared experiences with one another at each table. We highly recommend that the class closes after the third session and that is ONLY if the newcomers are willing to review the previous sessions via DVD or the internet link. Any missed classes need to be caught up by the Warrior in order to graduate Boot Camp and receive their Core 300 coin.

  1. What are the age limits to attend the class?

This may vary a bit by church, but generally men 18 and over are ready for this course. High School youth…may also benefit as long as the Youth Pastor is present with some skilled volunteers to serve as Squad leaders or mentors. There is no upper end age limit!

  1. Can I buy the coin for myself or as a gift to someone?

No. Unfortunately, this beautiful customized Core 300 Armor of God coin is only awarded to a man who has completed the course or read the entire book (if not registered in a class). It is a talisman of freedom, community, and battle readiness.

Other vendors sell a similar non-Core 300 version online.

  1. How long is the Warrior Course? What does it cost?

It is designed to be two semesters…one lasting 10 weeks and the other 9 weeks, It can also be done in 19 consecutive sessions. Great starting dates are mid January to mid February, right after Easter (with a break for summer) and mid September. The cost for the entire Warrior Launch Kit is $369 (a $429 value). Then each “Warrior” or “Squad Leader” pays a tuition of approximately $42 (a $81 value) for the 19 week course which includes the workbook, the Called to War textbook, and the Core 300 Armor of God coin, a DiSC Assessment and more.

  1. Is there anything after the Warrior Course?

Yes, Core 300 is designed as a fellowship of disciples with three consecutive and sequential modules. The second year called “The Priest,” develops the man as an effective prayer warrior, and a servant leader to his family, workplace and community. The third year focuses on leadership development and is called “The King.” All three years end in deploying the man into active ministry in alignment with both their gifting and readiness.

  1. I have read the book “Called to War.” What is our next step?

Firstly, if you completed the whole book, you have earned the right to carry the Custom minted Core 300 Armor of God coin! You can get yours at Core300 Store. Most pastors and men’s leaders who experience the book will want to acquire the entire year one Warrior Launch kit for the men in your church or group. The link gives you the key 25 components for a successful launch through course completion. It contains all a church men’s group needs to either launch a men’s ministry for the first time or to prepare for and lead the 19 week Warrior Course.

  1. Can we call our men’s ministry “Core 300” and logo’s, etc?”

Yes, but we will need to authorize the use of the name and be assured that you are using our materials in the way they were designed.

  1. What is the central objective of Core 300?

To call men out of the stands of disengagement or bondage into a Spirit empowered freedom so each man can become the dream God had when He made them. The end game is well honed ministers deployed in service to our King!

  1. What denomination are you affiliated with?

We are affiliated with none…and all! Any group or church that calls on Jesus as their Savior and Master and regards the Bible as God’s inspired and written Word! Core 300 is intentionally Transdenominational serving men of all flavors of Christian faith…from Orthodox to Independent…building up the whole Body of Christ as one Bride, preparing men for Christ’s immanent return.

  1. How do I find out if there is a Core 300 movement near where I live?

Look to our events and calendar on our website to see if there is a course beginning near you. As a 2010 movement birthed in 2010, we are just now emerging into 30 states and are working tirelessly to establish Core 300 groups in several large cities. Maybe God is calling you to build a small men’s group using the book “Called to War” or share with your pastor or men’s leader? What if God used YOU as a Gideon in your city? Call our office and we’ll do our best to support a group start-up where you live.

  1. Does Core 300 provide consulting to churches? Do they come out for the Launch?

Maybe and Yes. We will help a church in the planning process for beginning a men’s Discipleship ministry as well as helping them plan for a successful launch. Although the coursework was designed for the local church to provide the training and support, we can provide expert advisory and onsite help for the launch to and including speaking the opening message, filling the pulpit of your church for a Sunday service and helping train your Squad Leaders. We also partner with several excellent men’s ministry advisory firms across North America who can go beyond Core 300 materials to help you design a multi-year development strategy for a robust men’s ministry in your church. Contact our office for contacts, pricing and scheduling.

  1. Does Core 300 do retreats?

We generally do not, unless the retreat is designed for (Squad) leadership development or as a precursor to a Warrior course launch. We will do a regional launch weekend for a group of churches in an area if there is a commitment to continue on through the Warrior course. Why? The issue is that most men’s retreats have only a short term benefit. For many, if they are not bonded to other brothers (like what happens at the tables in the Warrior model) then the man can actually become weaker or discouraged in his faith after returning home to his previous isolation.

  1. Is Art Hobba available to speak?

Yes, depending on schedule availability and the nature of the request. Contact our office for more information. Art or one of our Regional Ambassadors will often be invited to do the initial launch (session 1A) for the course but these dates fill up 6-12 months in advance so please contact our office for available dates.

  1. My bookstore does not carry your book. How do I get it?

First, tell them they need to stock it! You can always order direct from us (helps support our ministry) or from a variety of the traditional sources (Amazon, Lightening Source/Ingram, etc).

  1. How do I get the second and third year materials, “The Priest” and “The King?”

The Priest is shipping in small group format only at this time. We expect the full version to be ready by September 2012. Target publishing date for the King course is early to mid 2013. Both have been incubated and taught in local churches, but formalizing the content is underway. “The Priest” curriculum is targeted for release in mid-September 2011. The book is scheduled to be ready in 2012 and “The King” curriculum will be ready mid September 2012.

  1. We are ready to go now…how do we get started?

Whoa…slow down a little! We strongly advise a well thought and prayed through ramp-up period that includes your leaders each reading the book, the purchase and a review of the Launch kit. Pick and calendar a launch date 2-4 months (or longer) out. In the launch kit you will find a timeline that include the necessary season of Squad Leader recruitment and training as well as the critical formation of a SWAT men’s Prayer team. Then your men’s team is ready to plan the big event!

Also based on the church calendar, children’s school schedule and your country’s holidays, there are good and bad times to start the course. Generally September, January February or just after Easter Sunday are the best launch times.

  1. When do most churches start the first semester?

There are three windows in the calendar that allow for an initial uninterrupted 10 week segment (half of the course): September-early October; Mid January through February; immediately post-Easter.

19. What is the difference between using the book or the Warrior 18 week Small Group program for my men’s or youth small group?

  1. Firstly, we have a large group Warrior Launch Kit ($369) which is loaded with all the bells/whistles and the four DVD’s for your Squad Leadership Training (prior to launch) and all you need to lead 19 weeks of “Boot Camp.” The class is supported by our “Train the Trainer” online resources as well, but a local teacher does the training.
  2. We have the Warrior Small Group Kit ($189) which is designed for a small group of 5 men. The leader uses the Warrior Small Group Leaders Manual (C300-11, 120 pages) which includes the answer key and the book “Called to War.” The other guys in the group use the book as well, along with the Warrior Small Group Field Manual. We recommend a maximum of 7-8 in the group and that they sign the Warrior covenant in the front of the manual before committing. The gathering of the en should be weekly and mandatory. The learning experience, and more importantly, the transformation is strongly augmented by the use of both the study manual and the book (for chapter by chapter reading between group meetings.
  3. Using the book alone is worthy of consideration. However, the only true test of the Warrior system for a small group is #2. The book alone costs in the $15  whereas option #2 costs around $30 (call or email us for a bundled discount).

It’s your call to go with the book ‘Called to War’ alone or with the fully developed Small Group Kit. But we’d hate to see the guys settle for less to save $15 over 18 weeks. That’s only a savings of 83 cents/week.

  1. Can women read the book or take the Warrior course? Even though the book and coursework has been written to men, practically all of the Bible based instruction applied to men and women. It may also be a helpful way for women to not only learn the tactics of spiritual warfare, but they will also gain some keen insights as to the inside out drivers and motivations of men and how we think! We recommend piloting a Warrior Small Group Kit (for 5) first, and then deciding if/how to roll it out to your church’s Women’s Ministry.
  1. How is payment handled? You can buy online (we accept all major credit cards) or we can forward our engagement agreement to pay by check. Due to printing and inventory requirements…and to assure you have materials prior to your launch date, for large rollouts of small groups or the more common Warrior, Priest or King Courses, we need to receive 50% deposit of all estimated study materials 60 days prior to shipment and the balance upon receipt of materials. If we are also doing a launch weekend or Saturday launch session, the honorarium/speakers fee costs require a 40% deposit, 120 days, or more, prior to your launch date (to secure the date) with the balance due at the event itself. Call us for fee quotations.