There are two ways to become engaged with us…and in this fierce battle for men and the families they “Priest,” we need many good men (and women, too).

Enlist Today– When you enlist you are standing with us each month financially. Click our donate link to invest in freeing and training men, and we’ll connect with you right away regarding becoming an ongoing member of our Core 300 Reserves.

Core 300 Reserves are men and women who get God’s primary strategy of redemption on earth. They understand that investing in men is the key to both life and death on earth, and the opportunity of redeeming the man and his family, versus allowing Hell to have its way of continuing the pathway of destruction of the home.

Join our SWAT Team – the Core 300 SWAT (Spiritual Warfare and Tactics) team is the key power arm of this discipleship ministry that is responsible for the many advances Core 300 has made in just a couple of years. Click here to become a member of our SWAT Team  and you will receive a monthly recon report of where the hot spots where we have opportunities to advance God’s Kingdom, or challenges of spiritual resistance.