Thank you for stepping into the arena as a leader of men! You most probably quickly discovered that our Adversary almost immediately put a price on your head…and that your poster is now displayed along other men of strength and honor in the “Post Office in Hell”!

Everywhere we go the message is the same;

“God is raising up an army of men like no other time in human history…because He will need these men of mettle, discipline, grit, and love, to deal with a radically changing world in the birth pangs of Christ’s Second Coming.” – USAF General Pat Caruana, (Retired),  Board of Directors, Focus on the Family

This portal is for you and the men who lead with you…to share your specific prayer needs, questions and challenges. It is also a resource…a practical tool kit to better enable you in leading, training, and deploying your men into ministry until Jesus returns.

In the past, the men’s movement was mostly about getting men:

  • Engaged, Excited and then,
  • Connected (through fellowship and the preaching of God’s Word
  • “Bigger-Better-Faster” husbands, dads and churchmen.
  • and then…what?? We get tired, isolated and migrate back to the stands to wait out the war.

Today, it is no longer enough…and it is no longer just about us, and our families. Your men want to be “all in,” and believe in a mission worthy of their life…or death if necessary. Most guys know deep down that we all need to to be stripped of all our old armor first (idols, shame, and chains of bondage), then forsake them, and then step into the arena, game-faced and fully suited up in God’s Armor!

The trumpet of Gideon is sounding…calling free and mighty men to fight for the billions of men, women, and children held captive in the dungeons of darkness.

“Core 300 will help you and your men get “ready to rumble” and learn together how to win…every day.”  – Dave Tofanelli, Adjunct Professor, Biola University, Director, Core 300

“Year one (The Warrior) will see the amount of experienced and trained male leaders in your church double. After year two, they will quadruple.”

On our site you will see links to our Warrior Boot Camp, 19 weeks of walking in the step by step process God used in the life of Gideon…taking him from a fearful farmer to a mighty warrior (Judges 6-8). Here men learn how to discern the three dimensions of spiritual conflict and then, as they trustingly lock shields with other men in their “Squad,” begin to consistently win their personal spiritual battles. Men graduate with a military conveyance ceremony of the Core 300 Armor of God coin.

Year two, The Priest, builds on The Warrior. Equipping men beyond themselves to serve, protect and rescue those whom God has placed in his immediate sphere of influence (family, friends, and workplace). Here is where your battle skills improve, friendships deepen, and your leadership begins to expand to others.

Year three is The King, and it is still in development. Here we help men discover their unique giftedness and calling as a servant-leader. Our material is tested and proven successful at raising up men as leaders of leaders.

We examine leaders in scripture (the good and the bad) and learn the dynamic of Principle Based Leadership together. This year will enable every man to begin discovering the dream God dreamed when He made him!

Agro Small Groups

If group classes with men at tables is not your desired format, or you wish to pilot The Warrior Course with several other men, then please see our Warrior Small Group Kit which features: 4 Warrior workbooks and the Warrior Small Group Leaders Guide (for the leader of the group) along with 5 copies of Called to War as the textbook.

“The time for half measures and talk is over” Maximus Decimus Meridius, aka Gladiator

Statistically, the landscapes of man’s legacy on earth are both barren and polluted:

  • Disengaged men only equal 10-15% of the ministry “horsepower”of the church worldwide
  • 70% Christian men sin with pornography 1x/month or more
  • Fatherlessness is pandemic and accelerating…41% of all US births in 2010 and 53 million aborted children in U.S. since 1973
  • Pedophilia has become a multi-billion industry
  • Less than 2 out of 10  young men remain in the church after the age of 20
  • Approximately 7% of men in the US are in church on any given Sunday

Whether you are just beginning a ministry for men, or have been doing it for decades, watch our Core 300 Trailer and the Core 300 Overview to learn more of how we can come alongside your ministry to make you, and your men, Kingdom ground gainers for Christ’s glory! Now is the time. Or…connect with or call us today at (877) 606-4609.