Isaiah 59:16 says, “Then the LORD saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice. He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor”

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In talking with Pastors all across the country we have found this one question to be a good litmus test as to the health of men at churches of all sizes and doctrinal inclinations:

What percentage of the men that attend your church would meet you in 90 minutes at the church if you called them for prayer emergency?

A: For most pastors, the answer is between 2-5% of the men that go to your church.

Why? Because for many millenia our adversary has honed his skills on mortal man and has trained us (you too) for a lifetime of isolatio,n and we are conditioned to fear community...real community. But Core 300 has made the anihillation of isolation our number one strategy out of the gate (well…actually over 4-5 weeks).

Your spirit tells you that your men have been created by God for something noble…something even dangerous, as operative Kingdom agents. In fact, the stats shown for some time that all of your best efforts will not bring your mission to pass without fully engaged men.

Core 300 is called to serve you and give you some proven tools to call and equip your men to rise up and fill the gap. Read what some of your colleagues are experiencing:

The surprise is how many men are standing with me as servant leaders. The joy is that the overall giving at our church has risen 30% since our men engaged in the Warrior course! We jsut launchwed the Priest and I believe Core 300 is a gift from God to pastors who needed a model to build a growing and thriving church” – Gregg Nash, D.Min., Sr. Pastor, Rock Creek Church

“For ten years I have labored trying the most popular men’s tools and programs out there, but Core 300 is different. God’s Spirit is using this movement to truly transform our men and they are engaged like never before!”             – Wes Harding, Executive Pastor, The Bridge

“Core 300’s training materials for men are the most comprehensive in the entire country” – James Steiner, CEO, Men’s Ministry Catalyst

“As much as the men have been transformed by this course, the women are glowing…years of their prayers for their men have been finally answered.” – Men’s Pastor

We are losing the war…

Society worldwide suffers from a great chasm of need versus service. It seems trite to many to say “Jesus is the answer” without backing it up with the compassion and horsepower of a high impact church. We at Core 300 understand the inherent impossibility of the Senior Pastoral job description and have, as a central part of our mission, a deeply burdened heart to come alongside to release the local pastors’ vision for their church and the community they serve. Our Founder has served as a Senior Pastor (for 9 years), a start-up Pastor, and a department manager at a mega church. In addition, he has 25 years of business and consulting experience with Fortune 1000 organizations and the US military. Our Board of Directors consists of high level executives, small business owners, and active leading pastors, representing a diversity of denominations.

The Holy Spirit has shown us how to fill this gap by providing the ministry release of the greatest untapped supernatural resource in the world today…the power of a free man on his journey of becoming the dream God dreamed when He made him.

Statistically, the landscapes of man’s legacy on earth are both barren and polluted:

  • Disengaged men only equal 10-15% of the ministry “horsepower”of the church worldwide
  • 70% Christian men sin with pornography 1x/month or more
  • Fatherlessness is pandemic and accelerating…41% of all US births in 2010 and 53 million aborted children in U.S. since 1973
  • Pedophilia has become a multi-billion industry
  • Less than 2 out of 10  young men remain in the church after the age of 20
  • Approximately 7% of men in the US are in church on any given Sunday

Whether you are just beginning a ministry for men, or have been doing it for decades, watch our Core 300 Trailer and the Core 300 Overview to learn more of how we can come alongside your ministry to make you, and your men, Kingdom ground gainers for Christ’s glory! Now is the time. Or…connect with or call us today at (877) 606-4609.