Dear Leader of Men – this video link is streamed for two purposes:

1. It will help you visualize and experience the first session of the Warrior Course. We do not publish or sell DVD’s for plug and play discipleship (except for our Small Group Leadership Training system). Our ministry philosophy encourages the onsite development of teaching men in their local church. Your men do not need to hear my stories…they need to hear the stories from the guy next to them.

But we have filmed all of our Warrior classes in HD for your use. After your church purchases the Warrior Launch Kit, all of the other 18 Sessions will be forwarded to you so your instructors can use them to help with class preparation.

2. It helps to see what a Kickoff event look’s like. Make plans now for the greatest and most highly attended men’s event you have ever had, and then pray that God calls many of your men “out of the stands and into the arena.”

Watch our kickoff at