Core 300 Men’s Bible Study Curriculum 

These men have discovered the secrets of manhood together in our Warrior Boot Camp and how to win at life, locking strong and loving arms together as they follow with a new Jesus with a new confidence. They have joined Gideon’s 300. Start here  to find out how to step into sustainable transformation

Looking for purpose in an young organization that is growing at 380%? Make a measurable difference in 10’s of thousands of Pastors and their families, and join our Transformation Crew to response to Kenya’s appointment of Core 300 to lead rehabilitation  and discipleship training for over 80,000 inmates and 15,000 civiilains!

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“Core 300’s Men’s Curriculum with the Warrior, Priest, and the King, has been proven effective to disciple men and mobilize them to transform our church. Today the vast majority of our ministry leaders are Core 300 graduates”                   

– Randy Brooks  Lead PastorMarietta, GA

Get our New Book “HOW TO DISCIPLE MEN” 

Learn from 45 of the Nations Top Experts on men’s discipleship. Each brief chapter is packed with practical advice from leaders who have dedicated their lives to helping men become more like Jesus. Hear their stories. Learn from their mistakes. Profit from their advice.


Core 300’s Men’s Discipleship Curriculum was Designed for either men’s small group use or for larger group, we consistently see these results as men and their churches are transformed “into the arena”

1. Men’s hearts are ENGAGED. Those who start STAY and FINISH. While other men’s book or Bible studies series commonly see 40-50% attrition, our fallout over the 19 week Warrior series (which follows Gideon’s journey) is less than 15%.

2. Churches are TRANSFORMED. Core 300’s men’s curricula calls men to step into the arena…and begin winning their battles in close community by “locking their shields of faith” with other authentic men.

“Our men continue to be blown away by the Priest men’s curriculum, which now hasbwmen in prayer-horiz 50 men enrolled. Men who sat in the back pews are stepping into volunteer leadership roles and the wives are delighted.”  – James Northcutt, Men’s Leader end Elder, Marietta Church of God, Marietta, GA

3. YOUR WOMEN will thank you. For years your women have been praying for God to awaken their man and now they call their pastor and thank him for answered prayers!

“I never thought I’d see my husband on fire for Jesus. . .and then have him pray over me our children and begin serving in our church. I prayed for this for 15 years, but still am amazed at the man he is becoming!”        – Nora Jones, Faith Baptist, Dallas, TX

International Developing Nations: Africa

Seismic Changes in Kenya that Could ReshapeContinent!

Today, Holy Spirit is leading our Kenyan team of 24 pastor-teachers, led by our 4 member indigenous Board, across Kenya and Uganda, bringing the good news of transformation to pastors and Christian leaders.

“At every meeting between 20-25% of the pastors who come are getting saved for the first time!”  – Barack Nyongesa, Director, Core 300, Kenya

Teaching our Warrior and King Curricula, these leaders are finding dramatic freedom from 1,000’s of years of “Boss-man” Tribal-Clan control that makes a man a king and women and children chattel to be used, beaten or discarded at will.

“I wanted to thank PBL for writing these materials so we men could be changed. Thorough my brothers teachings, I was delivered of lifelong fear of my Clan leaders, who taught me that to be a real man I must first regularly mistreat and beat my wife and my children. When I told her I am sorry and will stop beating her, she has been so happy ever since. I now have courage to stand up like Jesus and be free man”

– Pastor Lucius, Sangalo, March 2017

Worldwide, Core 300 has the privilege of helping tens of thousands of Pastors, Men’s Leaders and regular Guys raise their bar in Christlikeness and empower their mojo in Jesus until they become the dream God dreamed when He made them.


You know you can’t effectively grow your church without more experienced leaders. Core 300 is designed to double your trained and experienced leaders each and every year.  more…

Men’s Leaders

Ok. As a men’s how tiring is it to find new stuff every 2-4 months to keep your guys engaged? You are busy…up to your ears in building a good marriage, godly kids or grandkids, making money, and ministry to guys. Maybe you even lead a small group or Bible Study. You don’t have time to lead guys in some program that “nice” or filled with psychobabble.   You want power, and you want transformation. more…

Just a Guy?

millennials                              Read Art’s new Blog series on Christian Millennial Men on LifeWay Men!

If you are a regular guy you are probably a practical loner. Don’t get me wrong, you may have buddies to fist bump with at the game and hang out with, but inside, you are terribly isolated . . and deep down you are scared. This phenomenon has escalated with Millennial men. So many grew up without a clear Father-model, that many are unsure what being a man really is. As a default we learn most of it from other young guys and movie roles played by Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

The book, Called to War, on Gideon (another Millennial young man) and the first year boot camp study called The Warrior is changing that. Get the book today, and you will learn the principles of how you can follow Gideon out of your weaknesses, into the destiny of being an authentic man and a “Mighty Warrior.” Read more

Stewardship: Committed to Transparency

Core 300 is a 501c3 California non-profit Corporation governed by an independent Board of Directors. We use an outside independent CPA and bookkeeping services to help us maintain best practices in our fiscal responsibilities.

With only one paid employee, we believe in a lean, volunteer-driven organization. Our writers receive no royalties, giving 100’s of thousands of dollars of curricula away to developing nations every year so pastors and their men can find personal victory and freedom in Christ; we learn and practice the beauty of loving servant leadership transparently among brothers and those they care for; and we train and walk in the strategy and authority of The Kingdom of God, entering boldly in the realm of spiritual warfare as required to advance. In same way that we teach and practice transparency among our brothers, we are transparent in all of our fiscal stewardship also. Check out our Financials from 2016 here. Report_Core_300 PL 2016.