Core 300 Alliance Partners

Endeavor Ministries Alliance – Our Founder and Author Art hobba and Tim Eldred, endeavor logoCEO of Endeavor Ministries have formed a partnership to go to the developing nations of the world, packed with a one-two punch! endeavors youth focused discipleship ministry has an over 100 year track record of evangelizing and empowering millions of young people into active service for Christ. Their distinctive parallels the early Church where a new biblical paradigm confronts the old normal of adults helping in “Ministry to Youth, “ but they are calling youth, 14-21 years old, to go INTO Ministry” and with some preliminary training, to GO Preach the Gospel NOW. However many developing nations require the blessing or the permission of the father of the household, and that is where Core 300 will go ahead of them to “plow the field”  of men’s hearts, and gain favor with pastors and men in their communities. We begin in Kenya in the Fall of 2016 and then we rollout our 1-2 punch throughout 2017 and beyond.

The Reformed Church of East Africa (RCEA) – is an East African, Kenyan-based The Reformed Churchdenomination with doctrinal roots to the Dutch Reformed Church and a part of the Reformed Church Worldwide. It is a an autonomous denomination made up of over 600 churches, a Seminary, a Hospital, 5 K-12 Schools. Their reach includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. We have a long-term, signed contract (MOU) to help train their pastors in the Warrior-Priest-King curricula. We return to them August 3-11 to lead 2 Pastors conferences for 2,500 ministers entitled Transforming East Africa”      

Academy prototype_buildingCroppedIn Fall of 2016, all of their churches, and about 400 others, will launch Core 300’s curricula,  and 20,000 men will be empowered as disciples of Jesus, ready to “step into the Arena” to transform their Region of East Africa. We are also their partners in constructing and supporting 60 Leadership Academy’s for the purpose of nurturing, training, and empowering 3,000 high risk teenage orphan boys disciples of Christ. We’ll add vocational training as they run their own sustainable 9 Acre farm, and many will learn other practical work skills, as they are taught and mentored by RCEA Pastors in servant leadership. In the Fall of 2016 we’ll be in the first stages of designing and building our first five RCEA-Core 300 Leadership Academy for the first 50 orphans.

The National Coalition of Men’s Ministries is a nationwide gathering place, think tank, NCMMlogoand clearing house for men’s discipleship leaders and non-profit, parachurch man-focused ministries. As an active member of NCMM, Core 300 is able to contribute its expertise in men’s curricula as well as learn and leverage our influence across many organizations, through alliances and networking.



Cleansing Stream Ministries-partners with Core 300 and and churches in teaching and CSM Logotraining leaders and maturing believers in personal cleansing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare so they can be released to serve, minister, and disciple others in the Body of Christ.

The Fatherhood CoMission was founded as an FatherhdCoMiss logoextension to the spirit of the film Courageous and now lists over 100 national ministries who cooperatively are working hard to strengthen the father in his challenging role, while raising the awareness of the critical and pivotal role the father has in the family, and how the growing crisis of fatherlessness can be turned around.
fatherhood centric ministries who seek to influence our nation collectively, towards honoring and equipping fathers and grandfathers as men of God who serve the most critical role in our families

Prison Fellowship Ministries and Core 300 are workingPrison Fellowship together on a current project in Northern California of the Warrior Course with soon to be released inmates as well as developing longer term leader-ministers within the indigenous prison population. View how Core 300 is helping to fill the missing part of Prison Ministry

Promise KeepersPromise Keepers and Core 300 have partnered to resell and recommend Core 300 Warrior and Priest Discipleship Curriculum to churches and Art Hobba’s book, Called to War to Promise Keepers everywhere.

New Commandment Men’s Ministries is a Christian ministry that helps churches across America and around the world develop men’s team ministries to the fatherless, people with long term needs, such as the widowed, single parents and the disabled.