Swahili Bibles Needed by Kenyan Ministers! 

15% of Ministers in Kenya do not own a Bible. Others own partial, rag-tag copies. Swahili is the first language of Kenya, even though most citizens speak and write both English and Swahili. Swahili Bibles are needed by about 180,000 active ministers in Kenya today.

                                 Core 300 Kenyan Directors Barrack and Alex deliver new Bibles to 40 pastors 

Our delivery mechanism is our Core 300 indigenous Pastoral team of trusted men in the field. They have proven themselves faithful in their stewardship and accountability. Having already delivered over 1,200 by hand in villages and towns, one by one, they are faithful volunteers who love and use the Bible daily in their ministry and private devotions. And they too love handing Bibles to pastors who do not have one amidst tears and joyful Hallelujahs! Most of us can give at least $8 for one Bible. Please take a look and let’s equip these humble men who can’t afford one, so they can fulfill their calling from Jesus to “feed their sheep.”

I serve the Catholic church, and they hardly allow us to walk with Bibles, can you please get me a Swahili bible so I can study God’s word at home?” Fr. Lawrence, Kakamega, Kenya

So how does it work? How do we know the money goes for Bibles for Pastors?

We don’t buy and ship them there. That is just dumb. Kenya needs the jobs and the sales and their product is cheaper than ours and, with a plastic cover to survive the monsoons, it is better quality. Here is how we assure your money gets a Bible into the hands of ministers who need one:

  1. We wire the money securely to our (Volunteer) Board President and Treasurer in Kenya, and the two officers always pick it up together and confirm day and time of receipt to us.

  2. They buy them 100 at a time for $8 USD each and send us a receipt to match the expenses.

  3. When they go to one of our 12 Regions across Kenya to lead our 2-day Warrior-Priest Transformation Conference, pastors without a Bible are invited up front to receive their new Bible by hand from our Core 300 conference leader!

1    Swahili Bible  $8.00 

10  Swahili Bibles  $80.00 


25  Swahili Bibles  $200.00 



100  Swahili Bibles  $800.00