What Core 300 Men are experiencing…

I highly recommend Core 300 to assist you and your church in implementing this incredibly motivating training for men to “Rise-Up” and take leadership in the local church. Your church will never be the same!  -Larry Carignan, Elder, Calvary Community Church

“The best part about Core 300 men’s discipleship was seeing how my life has changed afterward. After 12 years of trying to live the Christian life, I recommitted my life and determined to get rid of my selfishness so that God can use me, unhindered. There was a renewed vision of the spiritual war at hand and a realization that God has a part for me to play. Now, nearly a year later, I’m living a freedom in Christ I’ve never experienced before. I’m not only back in the saddle, I’m watching God work in ways I didn’t even know were possible.” – Joel Cheek

“The Core 300 men’s curriculum is effectively tapping in to what is needed to engage American men in powerful kingdom-focused ways in their families, churches, and communities. With Gideon as a case study, they use the biblical themes of the warrior to challenge us to “get into the arena” — first by building key interdependent men’s fellowship with other men, then freeing us from the common bonds that tend to drag evangelical men down, and finally by “spurring us on to love and good deeds” in practical ways. Both the content and the approach are motivating and transforming.”-  Steve Adams, Christian Associates, Strategic Partnerships

“The Core 300 men’s Bible studies and the close friends I have found there, has brought a sense of direction and has already helped me be a better father to my children, helped grow me through some tremendously difficult trials, and created a band of close Christian brothers who really know me, warts and all.”- Al Williams

“For 30 years, I had tried with all my heart to follow Jesus, but I kept my head down and tried to avoid conflict of any kind. Especially in the spiritual realm. When pressed, the best I would do is play defense and yield as little ground as possible.

Today, I am a Warrior. When I wake up, I awaken to the invisible battle in this fallen world (and sometimes in me) and take it on, offensively. Although I do not win every fight, I have set my face for and found victory as God’s Mighty Warrior!”- Mike Gregory

“I was a Christian that believed he should be instructing men, not taking a course for men. I believed my walk with God was strong, my marriage was solid, and that as a man I pretty much had it all together. But then I encountered the Core 300 Warrior men’s discipleship training. The men’s study asked me to look deeper; past the surface to realize who I had become and what I was lacking in my walk with God. In my men’s group were men like me. Together we grew and became more self-less. And, with the guidance of the Core 300 leadership, we began to more fully understand the needs of others and have again become servants. For some, the series reminded us again what it means to walk in the essentials of servant leadership, for others, the series taught us how.”- Dave Tofanelli

“It is amazing what being a part of the Core 300 men’s ministry has done to change my and the other men’s life. Learning to wear the Armor of God sets you apart and prepares you take on the curve balls life throws at you. – David Lippman

Discipleship, for me was misunderstood. Learning how to lock shields with other Christians. Men, bonding in trust, and seeking the protection that comes when a men’s small group loves and defends one another, was a wonderful experience that has changed me forever.

The Warrior study opened my eyes and my heart to where God really wanted me to be, that is, fully engaged in the center of the battles of my life. It has been though this study that God has used me to “step up” and to “get out of my comfort zone.”

As a result of the Warrior training, the personal bondage to porn, a failing marriage, and other personal failures in my life are being defused. I can now say that I am engaged with other men, in the core of God’s army as he uses me and my fellow Warriors to accomplish His will!”- Len, Squad Leader

“Upon graduation from the Warriors men’s study, I was presented with a majestic coin that I carry in my wallet. This coin reminds me daily to put on the Armor of God and be prepared to face each day. This men’s ministry is an experience that can change each men’s life and make him an overcomer.”- Jim, McMichael, Lt. Colonel, USAF Ret


“By leading a table group in the Warrior study, I was able to be open and honest with other men and I quickly became a mentor for the men at my table, providing them encouragement and guidance. As we prayed together and prayed for one another outside the study, it was obvious that God was listening, as the praise reports reflected God’s goodness, mercy and healing!”


“This last weekend my Dad and I went away for a time together and when we ere not surfing or eating, we were learning about Gideon..and how God called him a Mighty Warrior even though he was hiding and alone and afraid. God took away my fears and called me into mens discipleship as his Warrior and I was filled with the Holy Spirit and received a new kind of strength I have never felt before. When the summer is over I can’t wait to go back to school.”- Jordan, 12