Transforming East Africa

“The saying goes that “if you want to get into the will of God, then find a place where He is moving, and jump in!”

Kenya – The 3 Headed Thrust

We’ve trained about 3,400 Pastors through August 2017. With 1 million pastors in Kenya, they represent the most influential and powerful leaders in the country, and thus the most strategic change agents, if mobilized.

Our goal is to train 250,000 pastors and Church Leaders by the end of 2030.

Currently, our annual growth trajectory is 280%, which is impossible to sustain. But with your partnership, generous prayers and donations, we can get there.

pastors conf 2013

The pastors we serve are those living in large rural regions and inner cities, but the vast majority are serve in the primitive countryside. Our Core 300 indigenous pastors go out in teams in their assigned regions, bringing transformative training while serving them as role models after the apostolic example of the Book of Acts. Our approach is holistic, discipling and empowering these men who have been fashioned be the dark roots of the ancient Tribal system which “coronates” them as mini-kings instead of caring shepherds. They refuse to lift or work in any way, nor earn any money, because they have been taught that it demeans their high position.Much of the Word of God they have never heard. A quarter of them don’t own a Bible. Many of them have only 6 months of formal training in theology. Our process is:

  1. Provide them with a 2 day Warrior and King conference in their community including a 55 page syllabus and complete Swahili Bible if they do not have one

  2. Return to the same community every 50-70 days to review and mentor the pastors in what servant leadership looks like to their wives and church members. There will also be a day long clinic on either basic Nutrition training for pastors to help with, A Chigger Treatment Clinic, Small Business Clinic, or modern Farming Tips to improve crop yield

  3. Alternate their ongoing pastoral care with more pastoral training and practical empowerment, recruiting specific men who feel called to join the circle of Core 300 Ambassadors as an Apprentice

Lots of caring people adopt an orphan. Why not reach 10,000 marginalized people by Adopting a Core 300 Team and pay their ministry expenses each month?  

Our volunteer pastors have jobs as either church pastors, carpenters, small business owner or farmers. They are trained and tested for integrity, gifting, and communication skills before they are assigned an in-the-field Regional pastor-mentor for 6-12 months. You can join them on their journey’s and work with them as they serve their parish. Watch how they apprentice their “Timothy’s” like St.Paul did in order to expand the work to other Regions.

Your role in this as an Adopting Partner is critically important:

1. Pray for them regularly. Maybe even expand prayer, support, and ministry updates to your family or small group of friends.

2. Sponsor their travel, food, and supplies expenses, as they spread the freedom, hope, and power of the Core 300 message and much more, to groups of 20-100 pastors at a time, village by village, throughout their Parish.

‘I’m thinking about Adopting a team (2) or a single team member” – tell me more  

Our Core 300 Kenyan Board

Core 300 Kenya Board is led by Rev. Barack Nyongesa and Rev. Alex Achuti. They coordinates with our US office as he provides leadership and project management for our indigenous Board of Directors in Kenya and our 12 team of two pastors responsible for mentoring other pastors and bringing the message of Core 300 to a specific region in Kenya through 2-day pastors conferences to as many as 100 pastors at a time.
They also provide ongoing training and development for pastors and Christian leaders within their assigned “Parish,” including Healthcare relief and training, Farming Science, and Small Business start-up and management courses.

 2017 HealthCare Bulletin- Chigger Relief Crisis!

A Chigger is a parasitic predator seeking to penetrate the tender skin of children into which to lay their eggs. When hatched, the larvae feeds on the subcutaneous tissues of the hands, feet, ears, mouth, and eyes, utilizing mostly small children as hosts. During the monsoon season of December through July it afflicts between about 40% of rural children, preventing many from walking or using their hands and robbing them of nightly sleep. If untreated, cripples their lower leg bones, and attacks their lymph system. The incessant itching of these burrowing larvae into their living limbs is almost unbearable.

“One dollar buys enough medicine to cure one child. Can you help 10? 100?”

As our trained Regional Pastor-Teams return to their Rural (and medically unserved) Regions (see map below) each season, they continue to model what they have taught . . .the reality that Jesus’s gospel is holistic . . .more


Core 300 Chosen for Nationwide Kenyan Corrections Partnership!

In 2011, the Kenyan government recognized that their prison system was in crisis. Recidivism (when released prisoners return within a short period of time) was rising, as was the incidences of male inmate conversion to Radical Islamist organizations. No funds were available to handle these and other humanitarian issues, so they passed various “partnership” resolutions to solicit proposals from outside organizations to help them in specific strategic ways. At the center of this resolution was the need to build character traits through a Bible-based Christian discipleship program lasting three years. More..

“He is a Father to the Fatherless. . .and sets the solitary into families” – Psalm 68:5-7

Orphan Teen-Boy Leadership Academies  

The 3rd Spear-thrust needed to transform enya, the rescuing and building up of orphan-teem boys from off the street. Our ambitious plan is to build scores of Orphan Teen-boy Leadership Academies across the nation between now and 2050. The power of redemption can be no greater than that of rescuing  1000’s of over 250,000 orphaned teenage 13-14 year old boys that have been turned out to the streets of Kenya each year without any hope of higher education.

Destined for gangs in the larger cites, these kids can’t get a break and have done nothing wrong…yet. The gangs feed into 3 career paths:

  1. For the stronger, get trained for a life of crime

  2. For the weaker, get sold into slavery

  3. For those targeted, get recruited into Islamic conversion and radicalization by ISIS or Boko Haram in the North

Core 300 is committed to work through like-minded partners and Donors to build 60 Academies between now and 2050. think of taking the highest risk, cast-off dregs of humanity in this developing nation and rescuing, educating, and loving them into some of Kenya’s finest future leaders? Now that is God at work through his people!

Then the Governor of the State of Bungoma asked, “What can we do to help you with your plans to build Teen-boy-orphan Academies in our state? Art Hobba replied, we need 10 Acres of easy access farmland deeded over to us, with no strings attached. “Done!” said the Governor, “When can you start?more…

Pic with Bungoma Governor 2016

From Left- PBL Director, Alex Achuti; Art Hobba, Bungoma Frmr. Governor Kenneth Lusaka, Frmr. Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony, PBL Team Lead Barack Nyongesa      

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