Famine in East Uganda!

We had to call and audible–and it would be the greatest challenge of our faith, ever.

After Pastors Barack, Alex and Protus returned 3 weeks ago from training 60 pastor-farmers in Uganda’s rural Bugiri Region, they brought word back of how the men’s hearts were lifted, and their spirits filled with courage, as they brought the message of hope and courage of the Word of God in our Warrior Course.

But in that first day they discovered that many of these good men of God were starving, as were their wives and children.

So instead of moving on the The King Leadership course for day 2, they began training the men in the rural fields of their farms on how to heal their land.

Our leader in Kenya, Barack Nyongesa is a trained organic farming expert and has trained many of his colleagues in the same:

“When we visited their farms, their barns were almost empty, and whatever animals they may still have are drawn and sick. When we checked the towns, there was almost no fruits or vegetables in the markets. Many staples like corn were missing. But the joy of what they learned on the 2nd day was overflowing with hope! Some of them ran back to their farms to begin what we had taught them.

When we trained 3 of them in Kenya this week, they told us all stores are gone and the Famine is beginning”  -Rev. Barack

The soonest we can physically return is the end of October, and our team will be training several 100’s of pastors how to train others how to heal their land.  We wait on the Lord for the $500 to send our men and supplies at that time.

Second we are reaching out to crisis food and medical non-profit organizations in the US that work in West Kenya and Central/East Uganda to ask for their help with food and medicines. We will need you and your friends to help us go and  provide transport of the food–food we do not yet see. Please believe God with us for the Food by faith!

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for East Uganda Famine Relief


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