Jigger Worm Infestation

A 6 year-old girls bowed, crippled legs lay useless on the ground, with feet oozing with painful sores preventing her from walking. The developing deformity and complete healing of her hands and feet can be cured with $1.50 of medicine, but there is none. Her hands also are twisted out of shape by 1000’s of carnivorous Jigger worms burrowing into the fleshy parts of her hands. She can’t go to school nor feed herself. Sleep is replaced with a night filled with whimpered cries, mingled with the 40% of other children in the West Kenya’s bush where 2-3 million children, ages 1-9 have been invaded while they slept by parasite Jigger Fleas. The females burrow in to lay100s of eggs.

“As we returned to the village 3 months later to hear from the mothers that all of the stricken children had returned to school. When we arrived, the teacher beamed as the children ran to us, now on strong, straightened legs, filled with laughter and happy faces!”           – Barack Nyongesa, Core 300 Pastor-trainer

With warm, moist weather in equatorial Kenya, comes the scourge of Jigger parasites, with a uniquely demonic bent towards young children with thin, soft skin. Until our Core 300 indigenous Pastor-trainers arrived in rural villages to train pastors and their wives how to cure this pestilence, no government, GMO, or Christian relief organization had come to the aid of these helpless victims and their parents.

We continue to be surprised at the absence of basic healthcare and general nutritional knowledge among these sweet people. Less than 10% of Jigger relief is cujrrently provided by government agencies or other ministries to rural areas in East Africa.” – Art Hobba

Even as Kenya is one of the more prosperous nations in Sub-Sahara Africa, most of their citizens who live in these very rural areas have no utilities, poor drinking water, and have never seen a nurse or a doctor in their lives!

Help us now by giving $75 to cure 50 children, or $150 to cure 100. That will buy the medicines . . . and we can train the leaders to administer the cure.

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