Are you really “Called to War?”

You becha we are. And we are losing! Why? Because you and I are hopelessly trained from childhood, to be alone. We carry around a heavy, self made armor designed to keep us safe from being hurt…or ashamed, and from anyone seeing our real self. Year after year we live in a quiet desperation yearning for something better. Love? Marriage? Money Career? How abut church?

There is more. In the last 2 years, men in 30 States across the US have taken the risk and bought and read Called War, by Art Hobba. Spend the $15, and then get a couple of guys over coffee, and begin to engage in REALITY. It is scary but it is right. You were designed for better things by our loving Father. He has designed a masculine, authentic community with other men with whom you can lock shields of faith and begin to take ground for the Kingdom.

Looking for an Agro Small Group?

Our Warrior Small Group Kit was designed for a group of guys who just don’t want to settle for “same old, same old.” Ready to grow? This kit features: 4 Warrior workbooks and the Warrior Small Group Leaders Guide (for the leader of the group) along with 5 copies of Called to War as the textbook.

“The time forCalled to War half measures and talk is over” Maximus Decimus Meridius, aka Gladiator

Statistically, the landscapes of man’s legacy on earth are both barren and polluted:

  • Disengaged men only equal 10-15% of the ministry “horsepower”of the church worldwide
  • 70% Christian men sin with pornography 1x/month or more
  • Fatherlessness is pandemic and accelerating…41% of all US births in 2010 and 53 million aborted children in U.S. since 1973
  • Pedophilia has become a multi-billion industry
  • Less than 2 out of 10  young men remain in the church after the age of 20
  • Approximately 7% of men in the US are in church on any given Sunday

Whether you are just beginning a ministry for men, or have been doing it for decades, watch our Core 300 Trailer and the Core 300 Overview to learn more of how we can come alongside your ministry to make you, and your men, Kingdom ground gainers for Christ’s glory! Now is the time. Or…connect with or call us today at (877) 606-4609.