You can you be an intentional and strategic part of really changing the world for eternity now . . .

According to a plethora of demographic and population projections from Pew Research, the United Nations, and other reliable sources, the torch of global leadership of the Christian Faith is in transition. In a few short decades, the mantle of lead watchman, innovator, communicator, and missionary to the world for Jesus Christ will ultimately pass from the United States, to the prolific, Evangelically-charged, nations in Sub-Saharan Africa.*

*Pew Research;

And, God has not been caught napping, of course. As was true with an obscure teen shepherd boy who was readied by God to slay a Giant, the people who serve our small organization and those who have been waiting in Africa, have been prepared by God’s sanctifying Spirit long beforehand. Like Core 300, they have been placed in strategic positions in advance to help us raise up godly men and women of grace, humility, and spiritual discernment.. Our work started in Kenya in 2012 and we have trained over 3,600 Pastors in the Bush in spiritual warfare and servant leadership, with Jesus and his 12 as the model. This approach is novel in both the USA and Africa’s Tribal structured culture, but the results prove the process is God inspired.

We are expanding at a current rate of 380% from 2 pastor-teacher teams to 5 this year, with another 9 teams completing their 18 months of training, and going operational in their Regions by August 2018.


Until these Regions can become self-sustaining through micro-business and farm-to-market entrepreneurship, our US headquarters is committed to carry each region’s expenses (not salaries) in the field. Yet God’s provision is more than enough as his Spirit fan’s this beautiful movement into ever-higher flames of redemption and empowerment from village to village.

You can see by the 3 Headed spear chart above that our volunteer pastor-teachers needs are modest, but they are immanent. You can click the Donate Now button, or better yet, call our Founder Art Hobba and let’s get to know each other a bit.

This Legacy opportunity is one of the great remaining adventures remaining on this planet, and it is as exciting as it is enormous in scope. God has handed this small ministry a large task. It will take many strong men and women of grace, courage, creativity, and compassion to lift this standard, and carry it into the future. Won’t you prayerfully consider taking this journey with us?

Art’s cell is 818.324.5720 or you can reach him at

For an in-depth assessment linking Africa’s population explosion through 2100, and its link to the USA, see this Pew Trust article.