Men’s Discipleship was the primary focus of Jesus’ ministry on earth and the cornerstone of the strength and posterity of the early church. . .it is the same today

Ever wonder what it would be like to hang with Jesus in the early first century?

The incubation of the first church wasn’t a tame Men’s Bible Study, it was full on engagement, rubbing elbows with a transformative invasion of God’s Kingdom that shook and changed the foundations of everything these young men grew up to believe was true.

Do you think you would be a more committed disciple if you heard His words and saw the stuff He did? Maybe your walk has lost a step or two…or maybe you have been totally sidelined with stuff like divorce, serious indebtedness or some repetitive secret moral failure. Here are a few other questions I think about as a man when I’m alone:

  • What does it mean to keep your “first love” with God?
  • What is the dream God dreamed when He made you…and where has it gone?
  • Are there a couple of guys out there who I can learn to trust with my life that are just regular guys with “life scars” like me? Guys who have my back, and with whom I can be totally real with?

Process chart 2015

Core 300 is not a program to “feed me more so I can eat more.” Men want to win. . .and they want to act in service to God for others like Jesus. And we are all called to be DISCIPLEMAKERS. But God will NOT let you succeed in that quest alone.

Core 300 delivers both by leading and equipping them through concrete, but often hidden, biblical processes that will make men’s disciples a force of transformational in their church and their community, for God’s Glory. Contact us today…and start the adventure of the ages. . .

Our Process – Like Jesus’ pattern and process for training the 12 men, and then later the 72 disciples during his 3 year ministry, our Three Years of mens discipleship curricula (The Warrior; The Priest; and The King) was designed with the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Each year sequentially builds up the man and calls him to a new level of leadership. Then we deploy him into ministry.

Find out more about each of our three years of men’s discipleship:

The WarriorThe PriestThe King