The King

Year three of the Core 300 is 18 weeks Slide1of study and interaction for men who have completed either The Warrior or The Priest coursework. The Warrior-Priest has now learned that he has been raised in Christ, to be seated with Him in heavenly places far above all rulers and powers. He has embraced servant leadership in his home and workplace. Here he will learn the essentials and the secrets of transformational leadership through Scripture and organizational best practices. He assesses his leadership stage (1-6) and begins moving in purposeful confidence in Christ as a conveyor of the Kingdom of God, as he becomes engaged in actively serving others.

This is where the man begins to discover his calling to leveraging the balance of his life for Kingdom purposes–and the secret that enables him to rule and reign with Jesus on earth.         

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Free Download! Preview Sessions One and Two of The King from both the Master Trainer Manual The King MTM SAMPLE Sessions 1-2 and The Field Manual The King FM Sessions 1 & 2.

As a world class leadership trainer and writer, Art Hobba has trained officers in L5 bookall five divisions of the US Military in 21st century leadership. For his corporate clients, he has applied biblical leadership truths in developing solid, courageous and empathetic leaders across corporate America with his Level 6 leadership methodology. In November  of 2013, we are shipping for the first time this completely NEW series to churches and men’s groups around the globe!  Here is what you can expect from The King:

Stage Six Leadership – journey through the six stages of leadership and assess where you fit on the grid. Then learn how to move systematically from one level to the next, until you are learning to “lead like Jesus.”

The Seven Cardinal Virtues – study with us the evolution of civilization based on the Law and Greek city-state philosophy of a Virtues-based society. Classical education has gone by the wayside. Recover the scriptural bases for becoming a godly man of virtue, and how to influence men around you to do the same.

Becoming a leader of leaders – after faithfulness as a husband and a father, is the highest calling for a man on earth in his service for Christ.

2 Timothy 2:2 Says it all–

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

Learn rock solid mentoring skills and how to spot that man who has the call of the 300 on his life…a man who is “all in” for Christ, and then help him become that man even if it means his influence far surpassed yours.

Includes: The Hartman Value Profile is a Powerful Assessment Instrument that will give you insights as to your Divine gifting, attributes,  and how you are fearfully and wonderfully made by your Creator. This tool and report provides values-based growth pathways to the next level.