CORE 300’s Men’s discipleship curriculum is like no other. Whereas typical Christian men’s Bible-based curricula lasts for 6-8 weeks, and suffers completion rate of 45-50%, Core 300 is 18 weeks long, but surprisingly, our average graduation rate is 85%!


The Warrior Launch Kit

“The problem is NOT that men are flakey or dispassionate about spiritual things, the problem is that their HEARTS and minds are not being ENGAGED in authentic, manly ways in today’s churches”                                                                  – Art Hobba, Founder, Core 300

Our men’s curriculum provides 3 sequential semesters of transformative biblical training that utilizes the modern science of multidimensional immersion including Video, writing, homework, reading, vital small group participative discussion, honorable transparency, personal and small group goal setting and projects.

You can read more about The WarriorThe Priest, and The King

Our Men’s Discipleship Curriculum is designed by professionals, and supports the development of students at Schools of Ministry, Seminaries, and Bible Colleges, as well as existing pastors seeking advanced degrees. Ultimately, each courses content has proven to go beyond the head, piercing the heart, and engaging his spirit–drawing him “into the arena.

“I’ve searched and tried everything for 30 years. . .every book, and every men’s curriculum, to try to engage my men, but nothing worked. Then we bought the Warrior men’s discipleship curriculum. And our men caught fire! Right now we have 50 men in the Priest course every week, and they are loving it even more than they loved the Warrior!”                                   – Pastor Randy Brooks, Marietta, GA

Men are Universal Worldwide

Our three 18 week men’s discipleship curriculum modules are 90-110 minutes long each of  is written for your seminary, school of ministry, your church three years or semesters of that patterns the three years of the 12 disciples as they walked with Jesus. And, like the twelve, the disciples learn to duplicate themselves through life-to-life with Jesus from 12 to 72, forming the leadership foundation of the first church.

The Warrior  is a 19-week men’s discipleship curriculum “Bootcamp” experience that the guys just love! Following the example of Gideon, the student-warrior, led by a trained Squad Leader, courageously crushes all personal idols, and learns how to fight and win his spiritual battles in the Armor of God. His personal victory is realized as he merges into a band of brothers who have learned how to advance the Kingdom of God by locking shields of faith in mutual strength and protection.

Core 300’s 3 Year Pathway

Process chart 2015

The Priest – continues the men’s discipleship training, reaching beyond the man to those whom God has placed within arms’ reach: his marriage, his children (and grandchildren), his church, and his workplace. This 18-week men’s discipleship training course trains men together how to mobilize the Spirit-filled and equipped Warrior as an activist, servant leader, exemplified by our High Priest, Christ Jesus.

The King – is the pinnacle of our men’s discipleship training curricula, where the Priest servant-leader graduate learns the art and skills of mentoring and leading others, and learning their mission of growing into a leader of leaders. This Bible study provides the framework for God to move each disciple toward becoming the dream God dreamed when he made him!


Starting in a mega-church teetering on collapse, God raised up a small group of emerging leaders who began calling men “Out of the Stands, and into the Arena,” and 140 men heeded the call. Inspired by Gideon and his 300 inexperienced fighters in Judges 6 as they were set up by God against a veteran army of over 250,000, this leader and his Band were the most courageous, successful fighting force in all of military history.

Core 300 as a movement, Founded by Art Hobba and Steve Abarta in 2009, is named after men like these. God has never been drawn to the crowd. Jesus took three years to focus on only 12 men whom he trusted to build the core of his Global, eternal Church. The same is true today. Many men talk the smack of “all in” from the sidelines. But Core 300’s 3 years of boot camp gives the common Christian man that unique opportunity to capture much of that same 3 year experience in their own life, forging in them a man who emerges a godly leader of leaders.

Core 300’s Men’s Discipleship Training’s Fourfold Objective:

1)  A Call to men’s discipleship following the journey of Gideon out of his winepress, into a walk of complete and redemptive victory

2)  Risk to trust the man next to you and become a “Band of Brothers

3) Equipping men in contemporary spiritual warfare in the Armor of God and then trained in servant leadership.

4)  Deploy men into significant ministry to others in a way that connects real human need with their gifting, passion, and the loving presence of Jesus.

“I highly recommend Core 300 to assist you and your church in implementing this incredibly motivating training for men to “Rise-Up” and take leadership in the local church. Your church will never be the same!”                  – Larry Carignan, Elder, Calvary Community Church

CORE 300  is a 501c3 Non-profit men’s discipleship Logo Commitment to Transparency - Recognized by Intelligent Philanthropy SMorganization that is endorsed by Intelligent Philanthropy for fiscal responsibility. We have no paid staff, See our 2016 Profit& Loss Statement