Become the 300 

Join with us in any of the ways below, and get into the Arena!

1. Subscribe to The Armory – Our quarterly magazine  punches hard and builds you up so you can become an expert Warrior in your Armor. Learn to identify spiritual attacks and avoids blindsides and become a pillar of strength to others. Subscribe here

2. Enlist – Core 300 is all about family and changing cultures. Although our focus is on transforming the man, the immediate fruit of this ministry is the blessing to women and their children, whether married or not. And we need pray warriors, volunteers, and both short term and long term field missionaries to help us with our rapid growth.  Get on our Armory list. Volunteer  for a staff role. Join our SWAT Team–or email us and let’s start a dialogue together. Get updated as to our plans, prayer needs, and strategic partners and advances of this exciting new ministry. Participate in  Facebook, Twitter and receive advanced book and discipleship curriculum chapters. Enlist in the battle of God’s best here.

3. Join our Special Forces SWAT (Spiritual Warfare and Tactics) Team – Our SWAT Team provides ongoing prayer for spiritual warfare  and protection for our volunteers and Core 300 churches. We connect our front line SWAT Team strategic intercessory prayer through THE ARMORY and DEFCON email transmissions as needed before the throne of our Father.                                                                         4. Join our Volunteer Staff! We have VITAL things that need to be done so others can be freed from their personal prisons to live our their God-given  destiny’s. Your gift and time will make a difference in saved lives, and you will see the cause and temporal and eternal effect!

5. Lock Arms with us as a local Church or Denomination. Start-up a Core 300 Warrior Unit – Small Group Leaders, Pastors and Men’s leadership teams can find out how to enlist their men by launching a Core 300 Warrior small or large group in your city here.

 6. Go! Join an African Missions Safari and work alongside our Pastor-Trainer teams as they teach pastors, and bring holistic transformation to their Regions in Kenya or Uganda through practical needs as well. Participate in training would be entrepreneurs as they learn to start and run a business; join a Core 300 clinic for Nutrition, Chigger Plague relief, or Rural Farm-Healing with pastors; or jump in to assist one of our Chaplains as he trains all of the men, guards, and employees at a local Kenyan prison* how to be all-in disciples of Jesus.  And yes, the best Animal Safari in the Masai Mara is hours away as well!

7. Partners–if you lead a similar or symbiotic ministry, please contact us Directly! We may want to partner with you. Email us, and let’s start a conversation. We’re here to serve you and the men of your small group or church in any way we can.