Making Disciples Out of Prisoners
It is official. Core 300 will be making disciples out of prisoners in Kenya

“On September 20, 2017, the Department of Corrections voted unanimously to invite Core 300 for a revolutionary approach to inmate rehabilitation throughout all 100 prison facilities in Kenya This all new Prison Discipleship and Rehabilitation Program is a long-term, three-phased partnership with Core 300, the Department of Corrections Chaplaincy, and the PREAJ (Re-Establishment Program) post release organization. . .more

A Chaplain  brings a message of hope and joy to men in a Bungoma Prison yard

Why? In the Corrections Departments own words:

“Rehab had failed, raising levels of recidivism and in-prison Islamic Terrorist Cell formation to intolerable highs”


250 years of the brutal and inhumane Colonial penal system still casts a dark shadow in Kenya today, as it does in most African countries. Frequent beatings by guards, starvation, and deadly disease mark day-today existence. Many are good, innocent men, arrested illegally for crimes they were substituted for by guilty, by wealthy felons who bribed arresting policemen who had to return with ‘someone” in handcuffs.

Decades of government corruption, borrowing, and siphoning of capital from approved Corrections budgets crippled Kenya’s ability to follow through with positive initiatives. And prisons built as long as 90 years ago for a total of 25,000 inmates, now some hold 250% that amount.

                 These men live here. Kenyan prisons are currently overcrowded at a rate exceeding 350%

Yet even in the squalor and violence on the inside,  after release  into a stark world where they were hatefully shunned by their previous home village, with many instances of local town lynchings.These still very broken men, return–and return again often  2, or as many as 6 times, to the familiarity of nightmarish confinement in lieu of the shameful shunning or worse for their home town.

We took our lunch break just 4 hours into the Warrior Course before 500 African Pastors. Suddenly several excited Kenyan Prison Chaplains, led by one of their Regional Directors, Chris Wafula, came up to us and began telling us, “This is it! This is it!” – Jim Pearson, Core 300 US, August 3, 2016

It took several minutes to begin to understand a little bit about the program, and almost a full day of discussions the next week. The required paperwork was filled out, and 2 weeks later samples of The Warrior, The Priest, and The King were sent to the Corrections Chaplaincy Review Board.

We heard nothing official for the next 13 months, and then the notice came telling us we were selected on September 20, 2017!


Loving the Orphan Sons of Hard-Time Criminals     Each of the three High Security Facilities in Kenya have a nearby orphan-school for boys ages 12-18 to provide them with a vocational and basic education while their father serves his term. These boys, though not prisoners, have no mother or family that can support them in the outside. As a part of the Core 300 implementation, we will be given the privilege of  training and mentoring these boys from the ages of 16 (Warrior), 17 (Priest), and 18 (King). Their Dad will be receiving the same as the son!                                  The first phase begins late 2017 with Core 300 training 300 of associated government personnel ranging from Chaplains to Prison Guards in th4 Warrior-Priest-King curricula. We begin December of 2017. Implementation will be completed by 2021, with ongoing supplementation of practical knowledge, and repeating of the three course cycle.

As the 2nd Head of our 3 Headed Spear Strategy, the mutual goal we share with the Chaplains is to be have all 80,000 inmates, 5,000 prison employees, 1,000 Teen-orphan students of prisoners fully engaged in training by 2021.

Phase 1 – Starts DECEMBER 13th-16th, 2017  as Kenyan Core 300 Leaders train 300 Government employees and officials in all 3 courses;

February,2017 – Launch in 6 Prisons in West Kenya and a Max Security Prison in Nairobi + 1 Vocational School for 200 Orphan Prisoner sons ages 12-18;

Train 400 Chaplains by mid 2018;

Phase 2 – Complete implementation for 40 locations in Central Kenya – 2019

Phase 3 – Complete Full implementation for all prison locations (55) beginning 2020

“. . .other than a modest up-front investment now, the year-to-year training of 80,000 inmates, 1,000 of their orphaned teenage sons, and another 10,000 correctional, social, law enforcement, and religious service employees, will be sustained at the cost of the Kenyan government, year after year!”

                                    – Art Hobba

Imagine with us what Glory would be given to God if these outcast and rejected souls, once bound to return to prison, became Mighty Men of God of the future? 

How can you help? In three ways;

  1. This has never been done before, so we need much wisdom. If Phase One goes well, then all else goes well too. Please also pray for God to open the hearts of these tired, underpaid, and frustrated government leaders to hear the message for them, and be transformed!

  2. Yep, we have have expenses to do this (surprise!). We need $5,000 by the first week of December for books and materials, equipment, and travel to deliver this first 4-day training session.

  3. Feel you heart moved for one of these orphaned boys? You may be interested in being more involved, or even  “adopting” (sponsoring) one of these orphan boys. Email us here, and we’ll get back

This reversal from being a hellish bane to a divine Salt and Light-filled Ambassador could be transformative to a nation. Help us give these this forgotten, men and boys in Kenyan society a new foundation by supporting this work. Any amount of help would be deeply appreciated.

Only $150 supplies training curricula for 100 inmates for a year!