The Forgotten DemographicOrphan Teenage Boys, they are angry because their world has proven to them no one cares…and sorrow and neglect grows into anger and rebellion against society.    This demographic poses the greatest risk to a nations future, these 14-17 orphaned boys, are cast off from the educational system without hope, without any vocation, or means of support. 250,000 are sent into the streets each year.  If we succeed here, the high levels of crime, slavery and violence–controlled by middle-aged orphans–would diminish.

Core 300 carries the Fatherless in our DNA and does care deeply–and we have the will and plan to restore, educate, and empower 10’s of 1000’s of these emerging men with your help. Ask God today if He is calling you to join us in being His voice and arms of restoration as a “father to the fatherless” in Africa.

Last summer a nationwide uprising of 13-14 year old boys burned 150 middle schools to the ground. Some of them were helped by their own Teachers…none of it was reported on the newspapers, TV or radio.

A Self-Sustainable Academy

Our vision includes an ambitious goal of building 60 K9 – K12 Leadership Academies by 2050 where qualified indigenous teachers, pastors, and coaches will train, nurture, and graduate 1,800 Senior Class leaders each year. In addition to a practical high school education, students will be given coursework that includes Core 300’s discipleship curricula, vocational training, and for those qualified, college or seminary prep courses. About 1/3 of each students time will be given to learning and working on the Academy’s modern farm. This, including chicken and poultry production, will become the chief source of food for them and the staff. Cash produce will be brought to market as well to pay for other costs as they learn the farm to table business cycle.

The State of Bungoma has donated the first 10 Acre parcel to Core 300 already, and we need funds for architectural design right now! We need $15,000 by this December 15 for Design and Planning and Budgeting purposes for this first project, which is estimated to cost between $150,000-$200,000. Pray for these boys, and then consider helping us with the seed money to make this dream a reality.


Academy prototype_buildingCroppedAcademy Prototype for 120 Boys,  K-9 through K12. According to a 2015 study, NO KENYAN OR INTERNATIONAL ENTITY is is helping this group of discarded teens. Unless we act, these innocents will continue to be the greatest risk to their own nation as they grow into manhood because:

  • They are the “Farm Team” for the majority of crime in Kenya and beyond
  • They are the primary fertile recruiting field for muslim terrorist organizations across the northern border

They will perpetuate the deeply embedded tribal cycle of wife battering, enslavement of teenage girls and children, and the perpetuation of every other criminal activity in Kenya

We believe God wants to rescue and redeem these boys with Christian higher education and vocational training, all in the bosom of loving teachers with the redemptive spirit of surrogate mothers and mentoring fathers in the faith.


Armed with the donation of our first 10 Acre parcel, we hope to break ground in the Spring of 2018 on our first prototype self-sustainable Academy. Send us a note to if you’d like to learn more.