Core 300 seeks to provide various unique resources, articles, assessments and devotional processes that have been helpful to us in serving men to help them establish and strengthen their Mojo as a Man of God.

We work closely with several for profit and non-profit organizations that help us serve men of faith and their families around the world.

1. Our partnership with TRANSFORMED MEN is a new one,transformed-logo-740w
and we’re excited to partnering with this great new vehicle to reach Christian men. TRANSFORMED MEN is a part of shows broadcast live in video, by LATalk Radio. The are one of the top ranked web-radio stations in the US, and our Host, John Gardella is a Graduate of Warrior, Priest and King. . .and a close associate and member of The Core 300 Leadership Council. Click here to watch our first Transformed Men-Core 300 show together with Founders Art Hobba and Stevce Abarta. Parts 2, 3, and -4 are coming later this summer!

2. The Fatherhood CoMission In 2014 Core 300 was invited into FatherhdCoMiss logoa coalition of 50 national ministries, including Focus on the Family, Sherwood Pictures and Family Life Today, to participate in quarterly session and annual strategic summits to seek God, network, and pray together for the advance of Fatherhood in our nation. We also plan Fatherhood promoting events and themes for churches to use to lift up Dads in their community. This years theme is “Honor You Father.” check out their website for how you can get involved

3. Transcende, who provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Assessments, and Talent Acquisition Solutions, to organizations ranging from $20M in annual revenue, into $100B Plus Fortune 100 million companies. Their Consultants have helped 1000’s of managers, executives, salespeople, and pastors for the last 15 years. Their aim is to raise their effectiveness to the next level, and to lift the entire culture of their organization. In times where number crunching rules the day, their focus on the intrinsic value and talents of the individual is based upon best practicals and Biblical principles. As a generous donation, they and Innermetrix, one of their software partners, have provided the assessment tools below.for 1000’s of Warriors Priests and Kings.

4. Core 300’s Assessment Suite – As described above we use Transcende’s powerful psychometric tools which incorporates the three highly validated tests to help improve a man’s self-awareness, discover his God-given gifts, and improve his empathy towards others. Thus they can become a more effective and enlightened Warrior, Priest and King in their world. Contact us for more information or special pricing for your leadership team, or for an unlimited subscription of our tools for your organization.

if you and your spouse would like to participate in the tests to help strengthen your marriage or you’d like to take your marriage to the next level, Contact us.

The Tricore tool folds in the three best assessment tools into one test URL.

  • DiSC Behavioral Styles – included in the book “Called to War,” and used in the Warrior course, this popular online psychometric assessment measures an individuals scores on the four basic behavioral styles: D – the Urgent Driver; I – the Persuader-Influencer; S – the Server-Team builder and; C – the Analytical-Controller. Squad Leaders study this assessment to improve their self awareness and learn people reading skills. See the Warrior Small Group Training System.
  • MVI – is is our “Motivator and Drivers” assessment tool and is used in the Priest Course to help the Priest-in-training to better understand his unique wiring regarding his own personal rewards system that is behind his behaviors. This chart shows the seven rewards systems wired into each and every one of us.
  • HVI –  is a part of the King course. Based on the Hartman Value Profile instrument, this online tool measures an individuals internal core values, character traits and personal “soft” people skills. Most modern behavioral scientists agree that our behaviors and motivations are ultimately derived from our internal core values system. Understanding this for yourself is a critical key to becoming a transformational leaders