The Armory

Our Quarterly Newzine designed to inspire, challenge, and inform the reader of what life should like to a Disciple of Christ engaged in the Arena. You’ll find stimulating, provocative articles to pierce the shadows around your heart and lift your head higher as a man of courage and humility. You’ll also hear about what going on around the world through the Core 300 movement, with a chance to add your strength towards the advance of the Kingdom of God on earth. Click on the publication. For context, you may wish to start with our end of year 2015 bulletin, The Dispatch.


March 2016 – The Armory Transforming Pastors and Men Worldwide

July 2016 – The Armory  Believe in BIG Miracles?

December 2016 – The Armory A New Discipleship Paradigm

June  2017  –  The Armory   “Force Multipliers”

August 2017 – August Pre-Election “Peace in the Storm”

October 2017 – The Armory “Uganda Famine, Miracles & 80,000 Prisoners