The Priest

Now the men are suited up and ready for battle!

Like the Warrior boot camp, year two consists of 19 
weeks of study and application, all centered around the dynamic of men at the table. It launches the practical deployment for the men who have completed The Warrior course and focuses on the Priesthood of the Believer. . .with his wife, kids and his community. We also move the man to see his workplace (where he spends 60-70% of his waking life) through his armor…and as his most relevant field assignment. Free Download! Session One of The Warrior from both the Priest MTM Sessions 2A & 2B and the Priest FM Sessions 2A & 2B The textbooks are Prayer is Invading the Impossible by Jack Hayford and Destined for the Throne by Paul Bilheimer                                        

The Priest course engages the Warrior, now suited up, into the battle for the Kingdom of God. Now, as praying spiritual warriors, this men’s study disciples men in how to leverage Christ’s authority, by faith, in the heavenly realms in the Name of the King!

Courageously Leading His Family

Over half of this course calls out, and then sharpens the skills of the husbanding Priest, and the fathering Priest. In addition, there is a 3 week focus on the movie Courageous finishing with bringing their powerful “Resolution” into each man’s home.

Lessons include how to intercede with power, lock shields in effective and powerful prayer. He will also learn and practice  the 18 biblical ways to pray, including praise, worship, petition, healing, intercession and the prayers of deliverance, all based on the need and circumstances.

He also learns to pray with and for his tablemates, and practices various forms of the prayers of the spiritual warrior and brings it all into his home.

The Priest men’s curriculum includes the MVI Assessment which measures personal “inner wiring’ regarding motivators and drivers that represent our passions. This test helps the Disciple gain deeper insight into how he is motivated to serve God and identifies areas for future growth and spiritual gifting.